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Topic: virtual DJ - fine pitch control question & a couple other small things..
hi guys,
i dj at a club that is looking to switch software either to this Virtual DJ latest release or PCDJ Dex, after unsolvable problems with screen freezes using PCDJ FX Vrm for some years now. I've been trialling both and have to say i feel much more comfortable with Virtual DJ's environment at first, but i can't figure out a simple interface control on the screen i'm used to using while i work, if it does in fact exist here.
What i'm looking to do is finely tweak the pitch of the track and have it stay at that setting. In PCDJ FX Vrm it's called "tempo step" and pressing the up or down arrows next to the pitch slider adjust the track bpm in increments of 0.01, holding the button down will continue to grow on that at a steady rate.
I find that many bpms are calculated slightly wrong for whatever reason and at times i want to make my pitch shift consistent, not just a temporary bump.
We don't use any external controllers, just the on screen controls via mouse basically.
The only way it looks like i can achieve this is to grab the actual on screen pitch slider, but trying to minutely move that proves unsatisfactory, it jumps in too large of a pitch shift with no allowance for tiny increments. I am aware that shrinking the range of the pitch right down to the minimum 6% will effect this better, but still not to enough of a point that achieves the control i'm looking for (plus i would like to be able to leave the range at least about 10%).
I see that mappers can be applied to the keyboard, the one that looks like what i'm after is the "Shift+Num+" etc controls.
These are closer to what i want but i still find the jumps are too great and effect the bpm by much more that a 0.01 movement like they say they do. I assume it is not designed to adjust the bpm by 0.01 digits, but 0.01% of the tempo, so the steps turn out larger.

My question then is:
1) Is there a control where the pitch/tempo/bpm number can be adjusted by 0.01 at a time? & It this doable with an external jog wheel?

also, i find the preset controls for the pitch bend buttons on screen much faster & build up quicker than i would like. I've tried to see if i can adjust these settings in the mapper but it looks like i can only change values there for any keyboard or external buttons used. so..

2) can i alter on screen pitch bend values to be finer?

It looks like a great program, if there were pitch step arrows above and below the pitch reset button on the slider, & if there were more clearly accessible memorized cue points (i like to have a few cued up intro options i can jump straight to, i don't like needing to find & set cue #2 etc each time) i would be sold on this.
I do like the hot cue notion & can see it's value, it would be great if there were separate set-able cue points you don't need to create on the fly, ones used more as permanent intro options.

3) Can multiple cues be set, remembered & accessed quickly?

Also, i'm quite picky about precisely placed cue points & am used to the jitter-style sound-finding cue point setting method you get using cdjs, so..

4) is that a possibility in this?

If you're using the on screen jog wheel or audio bar to place your cue, small steady movements don't give you any volume feedback.. it's emulating a vinyl scratch i suppose so it wouldn't.

I suspect that some of these things could be solved with the use of typical external cdjs used in conjunction with the program. If that is the case please let me know, i think that is an option on the cards for work so if it makes the difference i'll push for that to happen.

Many thanks for your help.

Inviato Mon 05 Oct 09 @ 7:00 am
Hi mate question number 1 i can answer for you.

To get a 0.1 pitch increasement just press shift and the + key on your keyboard and hey presto

Inviato Mon 05 Oct 09 @ 9:19 am
well i looked at that thinking it would be the way to do it, & mentioned so above(shift+num+), but that command for me is jumping up in bpm increments of about 0.7, not 0.01, like it claims to do in the mapper controls..?

Inviato Mon 05 Oct 09 @ 11:57 pm
For fine pitch adjustment, try mapping keyboard shortcuts to the actions below. This will adjust pitch be the smallest increments possible. The overall pitch range you are using will affect this - I.e: 100% will allow far less accurate adjustments compared to 6%. Pitch range can be set in CONFIG -> Options

pitch +0.01%
pitch -0.01%

For a more finer pitch bend, you can assign keys to the following:

pitch_bend +1%
pitch_bend -1%

Use smaller values for even finer adjustment, e.g: 0.05%

When you set cue points in VirtualDJ, they are permanently remembered for all future uses of that song with the software. If not, your software may not be saving the database (E.g: Due to no permission to write to the My Documetns\VIrtualDJ home folder.)

If you are setting cue points from a CD player using timecode CD, then this will not set a cue point in the software. VirtualDJ has no way of knowing you have done this (All it knows from time code is whether the song is playing or not, its speed, position and direction.) The only way to set cue points from an external controller is to use a MIDI controller such as Pioneer CDJ-400, Denon DN-HC4500,. etc. These interface directly with the software, so it knows exactly which button you have pressed.

VirtualDJ does not support frame cueing (Stuttering) - It supports vinyl-style cueing only. Frame cueing is only possible if you use timecode CD with a DJ CD player that cues in this way, You can confirm the position of the cue point on the on-screen waveform. However, once you are used to vinyl style cueing, you will be able to easily and accurately set cue points by ear.

For more hands on control. a MIDI controller is strongly recommended. There are a wide variety to choose from. Hercules DJ Console RMX is a popular all-in-one choice and includes built-in DJ sound card and free VirtualDJ v5 Console Edition (Along with the option to upgrade to Pro at a considerable discount.) Other popular options include Pioneer CDJ-400 (Separate decks) and Denon DN-HC4500 (Rackmount dual CD-style controller.)

Inviato Tue 06 Oct 09 @ 2:07 pm
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005
DJ Funparty wrote :
well i looked at that thinking it would be the way to do it, & mentioned so above(shift+num+), but that command for me is jumping up in bpm increments of about 0.7, not 0.01, like it claims to do in the mapper controls..?

To change the bpm in very small steps you have to add 2 keyboard shortcuts with the following syntax ..
set_bpm 100.01% ................. for allmost step +0.01and
and set_bpm 99.99% ..............for allmost step -0.01 minus

This is the safest way to adjust bpm, because pitch command changes the bpm according to the pitch range you are using each time.

Inviato Tue 06 Oct 09 @ 7:05 pm
That will adjust the BPM value assigned to the song, if it has been incorrectly detected.

However, if the BPM value IS correct and you are trying to beatmatch say a 128.01 song to a 128.02 song in the other deck, but are unable to because moving the pitch increases it to 128.03%, then using 'set_bpm' to change the 128.01 song to 128.02 will not have any effect. Although visually it will appear that both are exactly matched, the 128.01 song is STILL 128.01 and will (Very gradually) drift over time.

However, a difference of 0.01% is negligible (Matched within 0.05% is usually sufficient for keeping two songs in sync for a reasonable amount of time.)

Inviato Wed 07 Oct 09 @ 12:47 pm
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005
I know you are right about this ...that's why i wrote "allmost". But still in most cases this is a good way to adjust bpm with quite big accuracy

Inviato Wed 07 Oct 09 @ 4:36 pm
hello can any one help me i am a mobile dj in the uk i am oporateing vdj pro with the controller numark mix dek i have a problem the first night i used it live when i drag some songs in to the dek to load it automaticly either speeds the traack up or slows it down makeing life hard as when u put it back to normal and press play on the controller it gose streight back to either slow or fast im confused you have to let it start playing and then alter it for it to stay at normal for the duration of the song .also in my hard drive my songs are titled and have the artist name on vdj the artist name is missing on alot of them thees 2 problems are makeing me think i have wasted time and cash

Inviato Sun 16 Jan 11 @ 12:06 pm
Make sure that you have the latest VirtualDJ v7.0.2 Pro installed - Register on the page and then go to the Download Center to download:

Turn off Auto Pitch Matching and Pitch Reset on Load in CONFIG -> Options

Make sure beatlock is not on (SYNC button permanently lit.)

For files to show correctly in the VirtualDJ browser, please ensure the following:

(1) The files are tagged correctly (I.e: ID3 tags in MP3 files.)

(2) They are named in the industry standard format Artist - Title

E.g: ABBA - Dancing Queen.mp3

(NOTE: If the files are tagged correctly, then the file name does not matter.)

A tagging utility such as Tag&Rename can help if you need to edit a large number of files, otherwise the tag editing facilities built into most media players (E.g: WinAmp) or audio editing software can be used.

Inviato Sun 16 Jan 11 @ 2:08 pm
thank you mate i will try this thanks alot for your time

Inviato Sun 16 Jan 11 @ 5:56 pm
coast1Home userMember since 2011
I just bought VDJ and am having the same problems re. fine pitch adjustment. VDJ only seems to calculate the bpm and CBG correctly when dealing with typical, generic modern dance music. I'm playing electronic music but it tends to be more oldskool house, detroit techno and D 'n B. The bpm is almost always slightly out and I need to re-adjust. As Funparty said, the pitch slider is way too sensitive to make these small changes, even set to the tightest pitch range. Hitting the - and + keys didn't have any effect so I tried mapping keys: I mapped the - key to 'pitch '-0.05' which worked except the pitch adjustment is -0.07. I then tried to map the + key to pitch +0.05 but in this case nothing happens at all; hitting + doesn't affect the BPM. Am I doing something wrong? This is the first time I've used DJ software having always used 1210s and vinyl before, can you only make these kind of adjustments with a controller? I'm using it with an external mixer but have no other controller or time-coded setup.

Inviato Fri 15 Apr 11 @ 1:46 am
If using beatlock, is the increment thing over riden? i.e. is it bang on with beatlock?

Inviato Fri 15 Apr 11 @ 2:58 am
coast1Home userMember since 2011
Umm, not sure, I'll have to check. Beatlock is a setting under config right? Is it like an auto-beat sync or something else?

Inviato Fri 15 Apr 11 @ 4:12 am

Beatlock is usually activated on the fly via a button on a midi controller, although you can use a mouse to activate it if you really have to!

Inviato Fri 15 Apr 11 @ 4:52 am
Hello, I've got a problem with Virtual DJ: I've set up shortcut keys to control the pitch in small steps as adviced. When I press them, the value of the pitch on the screen changes, but I cannot detect any difference in the audio. The pitch doesn't seem to change. Does anyone know what to do about this? Thanks. Daan

Inviato Sat 13 Aug 11 @ 1:14 pm
JimoroPRO InfinityMember since 2008
im using vertial pro on a laptop but cant control pitch up and doen like +2 or -2 cansome one tell me what key to use to do this very confusing

Inviato Mon 15 Dec 14 @ 3:15 pm
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
These keys control pitch from the keyboard

Inviato Mon 15 Dec 14 @ 6:49 pm
Is there a way to control pitch by controller? I have a DJ Tech Controller but I don't figured out how to do this ... I'm thinking to map this action. What's the names of increase and decrease actions on setup mapping?

Inviato Mon 18 Jun 18 @ 5:53 pm
You already asked this here.

There's no need to post again. Just wait for a reply.

Inviato Mon 18 Jun 18 @ 6:06 pm
Also, please don't open old threads, as most info may be irrelevant, thank you.

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Inviato Tue 19 Jun 18 @ 7:13 pm