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Topic: problem connecting to server on shoutcast/icecast MPEG VDJ 7
Hello Please help,

I started a new thread since my problem is different than the one I reported broadcasting with icecast and OGG.

I run VDJ 7 on WIN 7 with a Hercules Dj Rmx. I'm attempting to connect to a server without success. Here are my settings:

MPEG (Shoutcast/Icecast 2) with the VDJ pluggin lame encoder
Bitrate 128 kbs
Broadcasting to a server Port: xxxxx
Name: House Music
Password: xxxxxx
Genre: House Music

I get error: can't connect to the server?

In the settings suggested by the website i Dj, for server type, it indicates icecast 2 and mount point: live.

Is there a different way I should configure the settings to succesfully connect?

I also tried different ways to write the server info taking into consideration I needed to add the mount point without success as follows:

full name of the server
server IP/live.mpeg

The website specified it has to be MP3 format. Is there a different encoder i should use instead of lame_enc.dll?

Inviato Wed 13 Oct 10 @ 7:26 am

reading several posts, I see I have to open port 8000 or something, could someone guide me on doing this on win7?

Inviato Wed 13 Oct 10 @ 11:00 pm
no response from anyone???

Inviato Sat 16 Oct 10 @ 9:36 am
Hi indysoul, I am using w7 too.

Open up your firewall, then select allow a program or feature through windows firewall.
Select change settings, Scroll down to find vdj then check domain and private. That should open the port up.

To open port up from your router, you need to type your ip into your web browser, then a box for your default username and password will pop up. Find out what it is and type it in. The info might be on the side of your wifi netgear or in manual.

Once you've got in you should get a special page up with different things you can do. I don't know if all are the same layout for different providers. I'm with virgin. Find forward port and enter your info.

Hope this helps a little.


Inviato Fri 04 Mar 11 @ 10:28 am
also having the same probe

Inviato Thu 25 Aug 16 @ 3:09 am
4DjbeatZPRO SubscriberMember since 2015
Hey Guys I am having an issues with connecting I follow the steps however when I hit the start broadcast tab, it never starts (tab never turns blue) and suggestions, p.s do I have to have pro video subscription or just pro period?

Inviato Mon 29 Apr 19 @ 6:45 pm