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Topic: ........XML Mapper Files?........
As of now in my Virtual DJ folder, under Mappers, I have my current layout saved in two folders, "Keyboard Mapping.XML" and "Hercules Control Steel Mapping.XML"............My question is, I would like to try some of the other mappers the community members have made for my controller, by downloading them from the VDJ website under "controllers".....

#1 IF I download a new mapper will it overwrite or erase my current settings?

#2 or will the new mapper package just show up in the same folder as my current mapper layout, and then I can choose which one to load?

#3 Can I choose the mapper package to load via the VDJ "Config." menu once VDJ is running?

# 4 once I select a mapping package via the Config. panel in VDJ, will my controller automatically sync up to the new mapper layout?

Thank you so much for your help guys...Please be very clear and specific with the answers as to whether my controller will lose its current mappings I have spent weeks putting in!.....Thanks............ =D

Inviato Wed 06 Jul 11 @ 6:38 pm
Upon looking further into the VDJ Config panel, I see that there is no where to select which mapper set you would like to use for your controler, I only get the drop-down menu uder mappers for "keyboard" or "Hercules Control Steel"......Is there even a way to go bk and forth between mappings until you find the right one without erasing any saved mappings??.........

Inviato Wed 06 Jul 11 @ 6:51 pm
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005
If you download and install a custom mapper for your controller, it will overwrite yours. The only choice you have is to revert to factory settings (default mapper) after that.
Mappers must be loaded (installed), with VirtualDJ closed.

This tool however, will do the job you need (test mappers and load each one individually, by creating a different profile for each mapper)
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Inviato Wed 06 Jul 11 @ 10:13 pm
You can backup your own custom mappings by making a copy of the files found in My Documents\VirtualDJ\Mappers

NOTE: You should backup your VirtualDJ database and settings on a regular basis if the information (BPM, comments, etc.) contained in it is important to you. If using external drives, you should also backup the database found at the root of each drive. Also, please ensure that you backup your entire music collection.

These are found in My Documents\VirtualDJ on PC and /users/YOURNAME/Documents/VirtualDJ or /users/YOURNAME/Library/VirtualDJ for new installations of VirtualDJ v7.0.3 and above on Mac. Local databases for each external drive can be found at the root of each drive.

Inviato Thu 07 Jul 11 @ 4:06 am
How can i download xml mappers for my virtual dj 7

Inviato Fri 14 Sep 18 @ 9:47 pm
unless you have a license xml mapper will not work ......

they can be downloaded from addons section from this website

Inviato Fri 14 Sep 18 @ 9:51 pm