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Topic: keeping getting a decompressing popup when im loading a song song loads very slow
error message pop up says

decompressing this file in memory would
require 40mb of contingous memory
your system has only of 98mb available
free segment ( out of the 4095mb) and
they are too fragmented to hold a
contionus buffer
therefore the song will be loaded on the fly from the drive (and the
full wave form preview will not be available)

dont know how to correct this error i have an alienware lots of memory and ram should not be getting this message i have
all my videos and music on external hard drives.....
anyone have this issue or pop up please help thank you

Inviato Thu 25 Aug 11 @ 5:27 pm :

Due to faulty drivers, some video cards can cause video problems on some new computers. This is normally caused by the drivers incorrectly reporting more memory than what is actually physically available in the card. If you are experiencing problems with your computer running out of memory or freezing when playing video, try installing the latest version of the drivers for your video card. These can normally be obtained from the support/driver download area of your computer manufacturer's website.

NOTE: In some cases, the manufacturer may not have released an update yet that fixes the problem. If this is the case, try installing an OLDER version of the driver, if available (I.e: A version of the driver before this bug was introduced.)

If this does not resolve the problem, then you can use the Registry Tool ( ) to adjust the maximum video memory that VirtualDJ can use (VideoMemMaxUse) to a more suitable setting, e.g: 128

NOTE: Recent ATI video cards have buggy drivers that exhibit this problem.

Inviato Thu 25 Aug 11 @ 8:59 pm
Until the last 3 updates I did not have this issue. I have been using this PC for 5 years. The computer is a core i7 with a GTX 560m. There must be something on the VDJ side that is causing it. I have tried going back to old drivers and the problem is compounded the older the drivers I use. I think you are improperly addressing memory.

Inviato Fri 14 Apr 17 @ 3:22 am
I'm having the same problem, and I'm using a Dell Precision m6600 core i7 with 16gb RAM , nvidia Quadro 5010M & Intel (R) Graphics 3000

Inviato Thu 06 Jun 19 @ 4:20 pm