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Topic: Ezymix controller hating asio PLEASE HELP ME

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I bought an ezymix controller today to use with virtual dj pro as per the manual that came with it I installed virtual dj and set the sound setup to
Inputs: NONE
sound card : ASIO DRIVER

when I try to do this it comes up with an error "error in asio sound driver: not enough channels" and when I click ok another orror comes up saying "your soundcard is probably not connected, or the settings are incorrect"

I am running windows 7 64bit with virtual dj pro

Inviato Wed 28 Dec 11 @ 11:07 pm
There may be problems with the ASIO driver, i.e: It might not be compatible with Windows 7 and/or 64-bit.

Please visit the manufacturer's website to check for any updates.

Alternatively, you may be able to use standard Windows WDM audio instead (Low latency ASIO is only important if you scratch):

Inputs: None
Outputs: Headphones
Sound card: 4.1 card -> Choose the appropriate sound card in the list

Please also register your Pro serial number on the page and download the latest version from

Inviato Thu 29 Dec 11 @ 5:08 am
Based on what I've just seen on a site selling the Ezymix, ASIO drivers are not required - because the soundcard in the Ezymix is not ASIO compatible.

There's a section in the product description which mentions Windows loading the drivers (1st clue there) and goes on to say that if no drivers are found, to dowload ASIO4ALL (and even links to the download) which are not ASIO drivers either.

So - any sound drivers that you've installed for the Ezymix are not required. Uninstall them and try again!

Inviato Thu 29 Dec 11 @ 6:14 am
Thanks for the help guys, the instructions in the ezymix manual are more than a just a little bit misleading, I uninstalled asio but now when I select 4.1 soundcard and select the exymix it comes up with the error "error in the sound card driver (directx/wdm): your soundcard is probably not connected or settings are incorrect."

Inviato Tue 03 Jan 12 @ 5:47 pm
Try installing Asio4all 2.9 and install, when installing install rewire aswell that worked for me

Inviato Wed 30 Jan 13 @ 11:50 pm

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