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Topic: Sticky jogs - how to clean them ? [Hercules Steel]
ciuunoPRO InfinityMember since 2008
Hi everyone,

I can buy a second-hand Hercules DJ control Steel from a friend, the device works perfectly but has one stupid problem which I don't know how to fix: both jog wheels are extremely dirty, as if there were some glue on them which just doesn't go away. I mean, they work, but when you put your finger on it, it really seems there's a very stciky layer of weird.

I have tried with a cotton cloth and water, light alcohol and the kind of liquid you use for vain. Actually it seems that I have made things worse in trying to clean it.

Now, what can I do?

I remember that a long time ago I played with a very old numark cdj+mixer consolle that had the very same problem: super dirty sticky jogs. So I am wondering if it's a known issue, but...I couldn't find anything on the web.

Hope someone can help with it! I'd love to get the consolle, if only I can make sure I can fix the jogs...

all the best guys

Inviato Tue 22 May 12 @ 2:36 am
DJ PhatsoPRO InfinityHercules Support TeamMember since 2005
Are you referring to the top surface of the jogs (where you would lay your finger to use them)?

This does not prevents the rotation and the function of the jogs themselves, correct ?

Inviato Tue 22 May 12 @ 1:43 pm
DJ FusiPRO InfinityMember since 2005
Sonax carwax to clean all the glue - then soap and water to clean the wax off

Inviato Tue 22 May 12 @ 6:58 pm
i use a combination of denatured alcohol and ammonia free windex to clean all of my equipment. the windex cleans good and the alcohol makes the solution evaporate after you wipe it off. i just combine the two into a spay bottle.

Inviato Tue 22 May 12 @ 8:21 pm
Sticky stuff and oil don't like each other: To remove, for example, sticker residue on surfaces that I don't trust on being chemical resistant, I use lamp-oil or sunflower seed-oil. After cleaning you can use a all-purpose cleaner to remove the oil-residue.

Inviato Wed 23 May 12 @ 5:56 am
ciuunoPRO InfinityMember since 2008

Yes I meant the top surface of the jogs. I tried with a marseille-soap degreaser and it worked perfectly! It took me almsot 30 mins..
I really wonder what had made them so dirty.

Thanks everyone for answering

Inviato Wed 23 May 12 @ 9:26 am
They may have not been dirty!!! Dude, I bought a Hercules Dj Control Steel and NEVER used it, maybe three times for an hour each time. Never ate, drank, smoked around it. Just bought some Technics 1200s this week, so I broke out the Control Steel to list on Ebay.

Same thing! Jog wheels are all sticky. Kind of like when you drive an older car and the steering wheel is sticky. I'm assuming it's something to do with the rubber on top of the jogwheels breaking down. Man that will knock the price down on this almost brand new unit. Blehhhh

Inviato Wed 19 Sep 12 @ 5:36 pm
Ok, since I made the last post, I figured out a guaranteed fix! Take a washcloth and put a lot of rubbing alcohol on it. Rub it on the jogwheel until you get all of the sticky stuff off of it. You may have to repeat a few times to get it all off. It will take it down to a smooth satin finish. If you want a slick shiny finish, take some of that stuff called "Oops - multi purpose remover". Put some of it on another rag and rub the jogwheel really good for a little while until you get it down to the smooth finish. It shouldnt take very long or much work at all. Then do it again with alcohol just to get the other stuff back off and evaporate it. Enjoy!!!!

Inviato Wed 19 Sep 12 @ 7:25 pm
Than sticky stuff was actually part of the jog wheels to gibe grip to ur fingers, it is some type of rubber layer but it wears out after a while and it looks like dirty glue resedue, I had the same problem but instead of remove it whit acetone I printed my logo on sticker paper and stick it on the wheels for a custom look :)

Inviato Wed 19 Sep 12 @ 11:02 pm
I just put my RMX in the dishwasher....(low temp, pots and pans cycle)....came out good as new!....Havent used it to gig yet, but when I I fire it up I guarantee it'll even run cleaner.....good topic tho....

Inviato Wed 19 Sep 12 @ 11:07 pm
Forgive me for resurrecting an old dead thread - but just wanted to add that I had this issue. The knobs were gross and sticky. I worked on them with a rag and some rubbing alcohol. It took about 5 applications - but now they are shiny and have zero residue! Awesome!

Inviato Tue 22 Dec 15 @ 9:06 pm
Thanks so much! I thought I was the only person who had this problem, and was looking all over the place for answers.

Inviato Sun 25 Feb 18 @ 1:20 pm
Glad you found the help that you needed. so let's close this topic.

Locked by AMAHM

Inviato Mon 26 Feb 18 @ 3:13 am