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@NUK15 - You'd have to contact the skin's creator and ask for updates or fixes.

Inviato Tue 31 Oct 23 @ 7:22 pm
Pretty sure it was Matt that created it and he's not been seen in years.

Something has changed recently suddenly causing some older skins not to work properly.

Inviato Tue 31 Oct 23 @ 7:51 pm
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006
Will see what can be done.
In the last update when experimentalSkinEngine is set to auto, it will also partially work on non-default skins, which can lower cpu usage about 3x.
There are some skins that used the waveform skin elements in a very non-standard way to just draw beatgrid in different way, which typically makes them drawn outside of the normal area, and this is something that experimental skin engine doesn't handle.

In the meantime you can explicitly set experimentalSkinEngine to No to fix it though.

Inviato Wed 01 Nov 23 @ 5:08 am
Yes it was originally coded by DJ Format (as mentioned earlier in the thread) but he granted me permission to release this update, so in theory I could still dabble around with it - but it's well past the "use by" date.

Inviato Wed 01 Nov 23 @ 6:08 pm
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006
Will be fixed in next VirtualDJ update.
The problem is that in VDJ7 syntax, the rhythm wave would have the grid below the defined boundaries.

Inviato Thu 02 Nov 23 @ 7:23 am
nuk15PRO (legacy)Member since 2010
I've set the experimentalSkinEngine to No which has resolved for now - thanks for your help!

Inviato Sat 04 Nov 23 @ 9:14 am