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Topic: Pioneer PLX1000 V3

Inviato Wed 10 Dec 14 @ 3:11 am
Great skin, truly enjoy it. Would be even that much more better if you can include the option to allow the user to put the cover on the decks instead of just changing the colors of them. Great job and looking forward to more of your work.

Inviato Wed 10 Dec 14 @ 6:05 am
nice i was thinking of doing so on future builds of the skin but the code was kinda complex

Inviato Thu 11 Dec 14 @ 12:55 pm
great loving it

Inviato Mon 15 Dec 14 @ 8:48 am
new update with album art on the records comming soon plus improved graphics

Inviato Sat 31 Jan 15 @ 2:32 am
Please, may i have a skin for Stanton st-150 Turntable ?

Inviato Sun 22 Feb 15 @ 2:01 pm
sure I'll work on it n see if it's possible but ill need about a week or so

Inviato Thu 26 Feb 15 @ 7:35 am
Has no one noticed that because the browser height is so restricted, the vertical toolbar icons on the left side are overlapping each other?

Really, with a browser this small, the toolbar icons need to be along the top edge of the browser.

Inviato Sun 01 Mar 15 @ 5:38 am
I'll try to fix that but its only one icon (previous folder icon) .plus the browser cannot be made any bigger without reducing the size of everything above it. this would cause some skin elements to become too small to be selected making them useless .

Inviato Mon 02 Mar 15 @ 5:25 am
is this a Free Downloaded skin ? :)

Inviato Fri 01 May 15 @ 9:16 am
is this a Free Downloaded skin ? :)

Inviato Fri 01 May 15 @ 9:17 am
yes its a free to download skin

Inviato Sun 17 May 15 @ 4:31 pm
version 5 out now with improved rotation and fixed browser

Inviato Mon 25 May 15 @ 1:04 pm
Pioneer PLX1000 V5 Peak hold LEDs not staying in the lineup of the Vertical meters. If I load version 3 then reload Version 5 it is ok. But then when I close VDJ8 and reopen with version 5 it is misaligned again.
All in all A beautiful skin.

Inviato Fri 03 Jul 15 @ 8:16 pm
I know that you are the owner of this and I just wanted to help you out. I have repaired your Pioneer PLX1000 V5 VDJ 8 & the Pioneer PLX1000 V3 VDJ 8 for you. If you want me to, I can upload it back to you, I found many errors in the XML file and repaired them all so as now the peak hold functions work perfectly now. I also fixed the right side deck that was missing visuals. Also fixed misaligned buttons.
Kymillionare / Kymillitary I.n.c let me know how I can return it to you. The skin is awesome, good job on creating it. I repaired it for you as something to do.
Kinda of a hobby of mine to fix things. It is time consuming but fun. I will attempt to ad more knob functions for you in a few days or so.
Jon J.

Inviato Sun 05 Jul 15 @ 12:27 am
thanks tjthedj u can email me at **********@*****.com though im sure the errors you were finding was due to using the cracked version of virtual dj (im not sure if u are using a crack though ive seen those errors when testing the skin with the crack but not on the genuine version of virtual dj)though im still happy to check out the improvements you made

Inviato Thu 23 Jul 15 @ 5:44 am
Sorry, posting E-mail addresses and other contact details is not permitted for unlicensed home users - Please read the forum rules

Inviato Fri 24 Jul 15 @ 2:08 am
oohhh thats just awsome and why is that so ??????????

Inviato Sun 26 Jul 15 @ 3:51 am
Kymillonare I have sent you a private message. Contact me back.
No I do not use cracked versions of the VDJ software I have the VDJ8 free and the LE Licensed version. I will be buying the Pro soon. I do not understand that the Skin creators would be limited to contact info.

Inviato Sun 13 Sep 15 @ 2:19 am
ofontControlleristMember since 2016
how to do to change color of turntables. I use V5 but i think it will be the same as v3
Thanks for help

Inviato Mon 12 Feb 18 @ 7:36 am