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Mix of 2018 Ibiza tracks featuring El Mukuka's "Bottle of Loneliness", an old school classic by the Funky Green Dogs, two kaleidoscopic underground tracks by Lanark and Artefax with a Richard D. James (Aphex Twin) feel to them. Finishing the party off 4 to the floor including with my favorite anthem for 2018: "Petunia" by KC4K

Please enjoy and share !

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Inviato Sun 16 Dec 18 @ 2:44 pm
this is a set for those burning man lovers. get lost in my beats and burn your soul from inside! [mixcloud][/mixcloud]

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I have put up two mixes on Mixcloud - hoping to add more - done on Virtual DJ - albums aren't mixed originally - I mixed them myself:

Feel free to look at my profile and check out my podcasts on here, as well!

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My 1st reggaeton mix: 70 mins, 100 tracks. How did it come out? Well see for yourself? ;-D There is a link in the description for you to DL it if you wish. :)
This is part 2 of my reggaeton mix and a tribute to where i started listening to reggaeton. The mean streets of Lawrence, Massachusetts! Ya tu sabe! Vamosa bailar! There is a link in the description for you to DL it if you wish. :)
Well i covered 100 tracks in my 1st reggaeton mix, how about 150 tracks in 80 mins? This one is for the streets!
This reggaeton mix has some of the new age and some of the old school flava. This 120 song mix one is for the dancefloor!
Want some more reggaeton? Toma! Over 125 tracks!
Get in the zone wit an hr full of new age reggaeton ansd then go back in time with some ol skool reggaeton for the last 20 mins, here we go!

Finally! I made an afro beat mix! 80 mins! can u handle it? :D
Well i had to mix my love of afrobeats and danzhall into 1 mix so here it goes. See if you can sit still!
Might be going on an afro tour soon so getting ready for it! Fly away!
Part 2 of my afro tour mix, lets keep the party going!
This mix give you the true feel of afrobeat culture. Listen and learn.

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