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Inviato Wed 25 Nov 15 @ 1:30 am
zanardPRO InfinityMember since 2003
Muy agradable!

Inviato Wed 25 Nov 15 @ 6:08 am
Muchas Gracias, señor Zanard



Inviato Wed 25 Nov 15 @ 11:16 am
bien el trabajo Exelente .. saludos

Inviato Fri 04 Dec 15 @ 4:24 am
thx ;)

Inviato Fri 04 Dec 15 @ 5:36 pm
Hello, as you switch to video?

Inviato Mon 07 Dec 15 @ 9:22 pm
Hello, as you switch to video?

Sorry! I already got it

Inviato Mon 07 Dec 15 @ 9:54 pm
Hi I glad you solved! have fun :)

Inviato Mon 21 Dec 15 @ 8:12 pm
senmichPRO InfinityMember since 2011
thx ;)

Inviato Tue 26 Apr 16 @ 1:33 pm

Inviato Wed 27 Jul 16 @ 3:10 am
I have big Problems. :-(

Please someone can help me?

I can read nothing in browser.

Look my Screenshot.

Inviato Mon 26 Dec 16 @ 1:58 am
Excellent job! Thank you!!!!!

Inviato Thu 09 Mar 17 @ 12:58 am
the newest update has disabled the ability to make the font really huge. I know nothing about editing the skin. can anyone help?
yes I still use this skin and love it

Inviato Fri 20 Sep 19 @ 10:28 pm
If you're referring to the two font adjustment buttons in the browser (which has nothing to do with this thread) being replaced with a single button, it's possible to change back to the previous buttons via the config settings. Just search for 'font'...

Inviato Fri 20 Sep 19 @ 10:37 pm
SDDJ1PRO SubscriberMember since 2017
Would love to know 2 things... 1) how to the split the waveform the way the pics show... left and right, or on top of each other... and 2) how to change the uppler left clock so on start up it shows 12 hr frame, vs 24 hr it is set for... thanks, Joe

Inviato Sat 02 May 20 @ 1:52 am
1) Pick the view from the menu in the skin (to the left of the beat counter).
2) Set the option for 12hr clock from VDJ config.

Inviato Sat 02 May 20 @ 10:45 am
SDDJ1PRO SubscriberMember since 2017
thanks groovinDJ... must have changed when I updated from 7 to 8 a while ago... I knew I had done the waveform before but couldn't find it. I still can't find the clock one... you mean under "set up" ? Or else, where is Virtual DJ options? I've gone through set up a number of times and cant find it...

Inviato Sat 02 May 20 @ 6:41 pm