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the best tool for my not too old laptop. thanks =)

Inviato Tue 12 Sep 17 @ 5:17 am
Thanks for your feedback.

Inviato Thu 14 Sep 17 @ 7:05 pm
jarp1967 wrote :
Hi guys, this is a desperate message to anyone out there that are able to help me, I humble request, i need details (links available or instructions of how to install this optimiser correctly, as i think my laptop just crashed. I am using windows 10, and something went wrong her, I got a massive gig tonight and desperately need help, can anyone help me please please please. to all or any of you friends, from a humble dj to all of you out there, PLEASE HELP.

Many thanks . Jorge Pascoal

you have a massive gig with home version? YEAH.. pirated version.

Inviato Thu 14 Mar 19 @ 6:30 pm