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Topic: Strange pitch issue using timecode vinyl and VDJ.
Hope this is the right place to post this.

I am using new Serato control vinyl on 2 healthy 1210MK2's both calibrated and for the purposes of this scenario both at zero pitch (click on the slider) and as per the strobe markings holding a rock steady pitch (within the tolerance of the standard wow & flutter), both decks have Shure M44-G's with very low mileage, and having checked the calibration screen on VDJ I get 100% signal on both, all being run through a Denon DN-X600 mixer and Lenovo T420 i5 / 4GB windows 7, 64bit laptop, which was a fresh build and only has VDJ and Audassity (for ripping purposes) installed.

So to the issue, if I simply play the same digitally sourced song at say 135bpm on both decks and start the turntables simultaneously (with maybe a slight manual correction to get them in time), they will both run in sync with perhaps a .01 - .07 variation in BPM over the course of the entire track, which when factoring in the wow and flutter of 2 separate turntables I think is actually very good, however if I now try to mix two songs again at the same BPM, they will quickly go out of sync by anything from .30 - 2 BPM almost instantly and constantly, normally the track if long enough will settle at this slightly changed BPM but it does mean constant correction and is making the mix sound poor.

To elaborate even the track I am mixing into which previously run at a nice constant speed is now changing BPM quite rapidly, then factor in they track i am trying to blend into it is also varying by the same amount it is making beat matching a nightmare.

I have been a vinyl DJ for over 20 years and started with knackered belt drives so I am no stranger to manual corrections, however I am only about 2 weeks into time coded vinyl but I feel this timecode is not behaving as I would expect so I can only assume something is wrong in my config or the way I am using it.

Appreciate any suggestions.


Inviato Thu 16 Feb 17 @ 9:47 am
My first thought is, are you sure the tracks that go out of sync are actually the same BPM?

I mean, you've proven that the decks are stable and VDJ is not doing anything weird by playing the identical tracks - which of course are the same BPM.

So what are the tracks (artist & title) that drift out? Where did you get the BPM info? VDJ?

Do those same two tracks still drift if you play them directly in VDJ (not via TCV)?

Inviato Thu 16 Feb 17 @ 5:50 pm
Thanks for the reply,

So I have tested various configurations, the tracks are always rock solid playing purely in VDJ, I can mix standard vinyl on one channel with VDJ through the other with only minimal corrections required, I have tried all kinds of tracks (mainly EDM) ranging from 120 to 170BPM, all are affected in the same way.

the track in question was philippe el sisi - dancing seam which has been digitally sourced in WAV (is actually 138bpm), as I say I have no issues if I mix purely in VDJ.

I just cant get my head around the way the tracks will play in almost perfect continuous sync if just left to play together, yet as soon as I try to beat match the same tracks quickly start changing BPM, generally I notice a decrease in speed of up to around 2BPM even though I have made no adjustments to pitch on either the turn tables or VDJ.

Inviato Thu 16 Feb 17 @ 6:08 pm
Sorry I meant to clarify I can get the issue when trying to mix the same track into one another.

Inviato Thu 16 Feb 17 @ 6:14 pm
PachNPRO InfinityMember since 2009
I've no solution to your problem, but it is always a good idea to turn "autoBPMMatch" OFF if you haven't yet.

Inviato Fri 17 Feb 17 @ 8:49 am
Yeah all that stuff is turned off, I guess I will have to log a support ticket.


Inviato Sat 18 Feb 17 @ 2:00 pm
jtaber79PRO SubscriberMember since 2014
Did you find a solution to this? I'm having a similar problem with my decks. BPM fluctuation is outside of what I would expect considering the wow & flutter of my tables are 0.01% WRMS

Inviato Mon 17 Apr 17 @ 2:38 am
having same issue but tested in traktor and problem isnt there

Inviato Tue 14 May 19 @ 6:10 pm
Also having a similar issue. Hope VDJ doesn't forget about us DVS users....

Inviato Mon 22 Jul 19 @ 3:38 am