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Topic: Is there a way to.... - Page: 2
Nah. A whole night at the titty bar with free beers. Great job!

Inviato Sat 25 Mar 17 @ 7:41 pm
Oh man just don't make me too comfortable or I might want to hang out there all the time and will bring over a reclining chair :-O

Inviato Sat 25 Mar 17 @ 9:22 pm
Just wanted to update the status of the TimeSkip plugin. Version 1.1 (the currently posted version) will supposedly work (need to test it) even if someone touched an internal VDJ setting called resetFXOnLoad, which disables all effects on a song change. The trick is in that case you just move the TimeSkip.dll from the SoundEffect folder to the AutoStart folder which will allow it to run all times when needed.

Inviato Mon 27 Mar 17 @ 12:22 pm
OK for those interested putting TimeSkip in the autostart folder is not recommended. Putting a dll in the autostart folder adds it to the Master Channel's Effect and turns it on (counting down) which is an extreme rarity. Most people who use this will want to use it in a pinch during the middle of a gig.

The recommended option for people who modified a hidden VDJ setting called resetFXOnLoad is to leave the dll in the original location where it is in your regular SoundEffect plugin folder and when you need to activate it, use your Master Effect dropdown (hopefully available on your favorite skin). If you don't have a skin that has dropdown effect choice for your master channel then you will have to use a skin like the default skin which has that option. This will not turn off the effect (countdown) with resetFXOnLoad enabled in your options.

For those who didn't touch the hidden setting resetFXOnLoad have no change to their procedure.

Inviato Mon 27 Mar 17 @ 4:55 pm
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006
Note that resetFXOnLoad only resets deck effects, not master effects.
I didn't check how your plugin works, but since it works as AutoStart, I suppose it would also work if you activate it on master. (And if it doesn't require the audio callback, it could also be made an 'Other' plugin instead of AudioEffect).

Inviato Mon 27 Mar 17 @ 4:56 pm
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