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Topic: VDJ8 DDJ-SX2 / NI Traktor Audio 6 sound problem
I have a problem with VDJ8 (Version 8.2 b3734 PC) and the DDJ-SX2 and the NI Traktor Audio 6 sound card under Windows 7.
If I only connect the DDJ-SX2, then everything works perfectly, if I connect only the Traktor Audio 6 everything works flawlessly.
But when I connect both and want to run the sound over the Audio 6 and use the line-in of the DDJ-SX2, I get no audio signal from the Audio 6.
When i put a track on a deck, the display in this deck changed to "MUTE" bevor the Trackname.

How can I prevent the signal from being muted? All settings are correct, because exactly this configuration works on my MacBook under Bootcamp with Win7 flawless.

Inviato Thu 01 Jun 17 @ 6:38 am
No Answer?

Inviato Fri 16 Jun 17 @ 3:27 pm
You are sure that al settings are the same, since both are essentially Windows machines? Then again, maybe that's not the right approach, since I don't do Mac. In Windows sound config, you have disabled the SX2, and enabled the Audio 6? Post a screen shot of VDJ sound config for both machines.

Inviato Sun 18 Jun 17 @ 12:17 am
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006
If it displays 'MUTE' it means the deck is muted by the 'mute' action.
Probably this is triggered from the DDJ-SX2. Maybe it has some switches to select the source for each channel, and it's not set to PC?

Inviato Sun 18 Jun 17 @ 12:22 pm
SX2 default mapping is not designed to be used with a second external audio interface as the source of VirtualDj sound.

Therefore each time you move the "Source" switchers for each channel on a position different than PC, VirtualDj will mute the corresponding deck.
That's a critical function if you use the analog inputs of SX2 to connect CD-players or other analog audio equipment.

In your case, since you want to feed the sound of VirtualDj to the analog mixer of SX2 you need to remove the "mute" actions from the input switchers.

PS: I have done a lot of gigs with SX2 to be able to tell that it's hardware mixer is nowhere as good as other Pioneer mixers or digital mixing with VirtualDj, Serato, or Traktor.
Therefore, may I ask, why do you want to use it that way ?

You need to change this:
<map value="INPUT_SELECT" action="down ? set 'hwmixer' 1 & mute on : set 'hwmixer' 0 & mute off" />
<map value="INPUT_SELECT" action="nothing" />

Also, if you start feeding each deck with it's own sound and you use an "External Mixer" audio setup you need to disable the MIDI mixer of VirtualDj since it's designed to work with "Master & Headphones" audio configuration for this particular controller.
Therefore, you need to apply fake mixer actions and stuff to the software:
<map value="ONINIT" action="fake_mixer on & fake_gain on & fake_eq on & fake_filter on & fake_hp on" />
<map value="ONEXIT" action="fake_mixer off & fake_gain off & fake_eq off & fake_filter off & fake_hp off" />

Inviato Mon 19 Jun 17 @ 9:17 am
Thanks Phantom for your answer. I can use the SX2 & Audio6 with my Mac (Win7 Bootcamp) without any changes in the sx2-config.
The Problem is only on my friends Windows 7 Laptop, so give it a try to change the config.

<map value="INPUT_SELECT" action="down ? set 'hwmixer' 1 & mute on : set 'hwmixer' 0 & mute off" />
<map value="INPUT_SELECT" action="nothing" />

I don't like the Pioneer Sound, the sound from the Audio 6 is much clearer and more powerful.

Inviato Wed 21 Jun 17 @ 11:31 am