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Topic: Multitasking and Video Mixing on Virtual DJ 8
I've been using Virtual DJ on Mac for Video Mixing, and Karaoke Shows for a while already, it used to work just perfect on the 7th version, i was able to mix and in the mean time download karaoke songs from a page which I purchased a membership from, without the external video output disappearing from the screen, but now I can't minimize virtual dj without minimizing the video out too, and that's kind of inconvenient, is there a way to fix that? Or is that feature coming up on the next updates soon? :)

Inviato Fri 23 Jun 17 @ 2:16 am
You don't have to minimize VDJ, just Command-Tab to switch over to another application. That app will leave VDJ's window positions alone and just open on top of it on the primary screen.

Inviato Fri 23 Jun 17 @ 7:36 pm
Thats a good suggestion :D but i would really like it to be able to take over the control of the external screen device

Inviato Fri 13 Oct 17 @ 1:17 am
djmilaPRO InfinityMember since 2008
Multitasking with windows 10 is ready . I do not know mac . Meybe settings ?

Inviato Fri 20 Oct 17 @ 10:16 pm