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Topic: Clean version of a song
Hi there my name is ulises, I'm sorry for my bad domain of the language but write it help me and give me a little support for domain it :)

well, I just try to do a clean version of the song "Passionfruit" of Drake (you know, cut the arrhythmic part in the sec 0:34-1:00 but keeping the intro). So, I try cut two parts of the song using VDJ but I don't know how do it :/ well, I use an applet for do it, but when I try mix the two parts I don't know how couple the two parts, ever have a bit (sec 0:34) who sounds really bad and just want clean it or know how mix it without this bad bit.

Sorry I'm really new on this stuff of the mixes but I'm really interested :)

Inviato Wed 05 Jul 17 @ 10:26 pm
Also interested in this issue. Let me know if you find a solution

Inviato 3 days ago @ 10:18 am

Inviato 3 days ago @ 1:04 pm