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Topic: Smash Video and Dropbox!!!!!
Hi guys had been using Smash for the past few months, just signed up for the year and with it paid for dropbox too ONLY because of their linked feature where songs are sideloaded online to drop box and then i just Sync at a later date. It was a great way to once a week load in all the new songs in bulk.

Now the drop box feature doesn't work, and they are ignoring my emails and live chats about the feature which is still offered but not working and im stuck with a dropbox i can't use (i already have google drive paid for). They are insisting that i should use their new program CrateQ to download but for me its just too slow and just not as user friendly as they think it is.

Its a great service and this part is an awful let down, especially since they won't talk to me about it.

Is anyone else having an issue or is it just me?

Inviato Fri 28 Jul 17 @ 10:02 pm
No one at all using Smash Vision can tell me if this works for them maybe? Im going crazy, loved the feature.

Inviato Fri 04 Aug 17 @ 9:15 pm
They've switched to CrateQ like they told you.

Time move on bro.

Inviato Sun 06 Aug 17 @ 4:09 pm
Seems like an archaic way of doing things anyway, given the functionality of the Smashvision apps. Try this and see if it doesn't give you near the same results without having to run bulk downloads every week. Install the Smashvision app on your home computer that you normally do your bulk download from dropbox on, click the "automatically download queue" box, leave the app running in the background. Now you can log in to the Smashvision website from anywhere on your phone, tablet, laptop, whatever; and add videos to your queue, and in seconds your home PC will begin the download for you.

Now if you still wanted the files in your Dropbox as well, I don't know why though, download speeds from Smashvision are enough to choke 99% of home internet connections anyway if you have your PC properly configured, so you aren't getting the files any faster using Dropbox, and Smashvision has unlimited downloads, and has cloud rescue(which is basically just a list of your download history), so you are getting Dropbox-like functionality from the Smashvision site. But if you are still resigned to getting your money's worth out of that Dropbox sub; install dropbox on the home computer running the Smashvision app configured as I mentioned earlier, Set Dropbox's bandwidth settings to "limit automatically". This will keep Dropbox from choking out your return packet upstream to Smashvision when it begins uploading while Smashvision is still downloading other files, in the smashvision app set your download location to the path of the Dropbox sync folder on your local machine. With that setup, you could be sitting at Starbucks on your phone, queue a track on the Smashvision website, your home pc will automatically begin the download, and then the Dropbox app will automatically upload it to the Dropbox server. It must be noted though that almost all home internet connections are terribly asymmetrical. Your upload speed is typically 1/4 of your download speed with cable connections, and 1/8 or worse with DSL. So depending on your upstream bandwidth, and how many files you pull, you could have a very, very long Dropbox upload queue.

You may be able to end around the Dropbox/Smashvision divorce by using a service like URLDroplet, or filestork, etc. Any of the services that act as a middle-man and route downloads from the internet directly to your Dropbox cloud for you. But any of those services without file size restrictions, and with snappy servers aren't going to be free.

Inviato Sun 06 Aug 17 @ 8:38 pm