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Topic: New from Mackie Thump...
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
Personal opinion, I've had to service too many mackie actives to ever allow myself to buy them at retail prices, more often than not it was power supply.
I must note mackie of old, back when they had RCF drivers were solid, but alas they traded in the good rep for profit with cheap drivers and low spec electronics, hopefully they've turned a corner but, 2 points

there's local manufacturers I'd rather trust
Fane & wharfedale factories are 20 minutes from mine.

Actives just aren't my idea of 'fun'

Inviato Tue 15 Aug 17 @ 9:32 pm
If've had 3 thumps die on me back when I used those.
One of the times I may have pushed the speakers. The 2 other times I didn't

So I probably won't go back to using those again (the audio isn't the best either IMO, but fair for the price)

This was first (the yellow handle ones) and second generation thumps
I haven't tried 3. generations, and I guess this is now 4. generation thumps
So of course, if they re-designed them, some of the issues may be gone

Inviato Thu 17 Aug 17 @ 4:48 am