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Topic: FreeStyler Error with Sound-2-Light : Off Topic, But...
This isn't a VDJ issue, but I am hoping someone might have run into this... I have the FreeStyler plugin installed in VDJ, and the fixtures are programmed into FreeStyler. When I select the Sound-2-Light button, I get a "Selected Module Cannot be Found".

It is a shot in the dark, but I thought I'd check and see if anyone on the forum may have run into and overcome this. The sound mode works on my devices, but I can't sync any sequences.

FreeStyler support is awesome, by the way. I will be donating to the developer!

Inviato Mon 23 Oct 17 @ 11:10 pm
You should NOT enable the S2L button on Freestyler if you wish to have VirtualDj send S2L data on it.

Both, SBDJ's Freestyler plug-in and my own Freestyler MRC, use internal communication facilities to pass S2L data on Freestyler.
Therefore you must NOT use the Freestyler's built-in S2L plug-in.

All you have to do is to enable the plug-in you're using (I assume you use SBDJ's Freestlyer plug-in) to send S2L data on Freestyler, and on Freestyler itself to enable the speaker icon next on the sequence you want it's speed/stepping to be controller by S2L

Inviato Tue 24 Oct 17 @ 9:31 am
Thank you for the fast reply, PhantomDeeJay. I'll check this out, over the weekend. Most appreciated.

Inviato Tue 24 Oct 17 @ 11:42 pm