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Topic: How to beatmatch easily with VDJ please?
Hey guys, I can use some help from you experienced pro's on this please. Back in the day using 1200's I was accustomed to finding the downbeat of the incoming track, hold it and give a slight push at the downbeat of the outgoing track, that would basically do it. I have been using DJ softwares for many years but mainly for automatic playback, now I would like to looking into beatmatching live only for when hanging out with the buds, not for anything commercial. I am trying out different softwares but being told VDJ would be the easiest for me to use which is why I asking here for help.

So please bear with me a little as i go in baby steps to try to do things accurately with this software, I am also looking at the manual. So I analyze all tunes in the browser/playlist, I click the BPM button to set in ascending order. I load first track in deck A which is 83 bpm then load a 2nd track in deck B which is 85. Do I first locate the downbeat on deck B's tune and set it at the middle line in the waveform or first hit the sync button on deck B to match it's bpm to track on deck A please?

Inviato Fri 27 Oct 17 @ 2:59 pm
There are various ways, but if you know vinyl then do it that way.

When cueing the incoming track, find a suitable beat and set a cue point there. Then at the right time, start it playing. Unlike vinyl there's no ramp up time, and no need to push.

Inviato Fri 27 Oct 17 @ 5:14 pm
Thanks, will experiment some more but how do you use the blocks and waveform on top to help in mixing? I understand the 4 blocks represent the 4 beats in a bar but I had thought the first biggest block would be the first downbeat but that's not the case.

Inviato Fri 27 Oct 17 @ 10:25 pm
First off, read the VDJ manual. It'll explain a lot.

You don't have to "use the blocks" or the waveform to mix. Remember how you mixed with vinyl? No blocks, no wave form, and yet you still did it!

Just because it's there, you're not forced to use it. It's a tool, a guide, not an essential thing.

The blocks represent the beat grid (which is placed by VDJ when the track is analysed). If it's not in the right place, it can be adjusted using the editor.

By the way, read the manual! :-)

Inviato Sat 28 Oct 17 @ 8:22 am
Got it, thx, will do.

Inviato Sat 28 Oct 17 @ 11:28 am