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Topic: VDJ randomly lagging with the last two updates
Since the last two updates, my vdj has started lagging randomly.

Asus Zenbook Pro/Windows 10 Enterprise
I7-6700k/1TB NVME SSD/12GB Ram
Numark V7s/CDJ-850 (i alternate between them)

I would be typing in the search and the entire vdj screen would freeze for about 5 seconds then continue so If I typed "Migos", it would freeze on "Mi" and after a few seconds it would type the "gos" automatically, or there would be a delay between each letter.

Scrolling through the browser it would also freeze for 5 seconds. I would press the down arrow or click on a song and wait 5 seconds for it to get highlighted

I mapped the ",." to load songs on the left and right deck and if I press one of them, it would freeze for a few seconds then register the key press and load the song

At first, I thought it was the whole computer freezing, but cpu usage does not spike when VDJ starts lagging

Inviato Sun 29 Oct 17 @ 2:25 pm
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005
Since no major changes have been made in the last couple of updates, it would be useful to install a previous Build and check if the performance is related to a VirtualDJ update or something else in your system/hardware

Inviato Sun 29 Oct 17 @ 11:49 pm
I installed 3954 and so far its been working properly.

I have been using the same hardware for almost a year and no other programs are lagging so its very weird......

Inviato Wed 01 Nov 17 @ 12:40 pm
Same thing has happened to me. I thought it was me, but decided to check the forums today. Yes. It's an update. I was very happy about the Karaoke Update patch, but I'm willing to lose it, to go to an older version so No lag. It sucks when a person is singing and all I did was start typing in the search bar to find a new song, and Video and Program Freezes while music continues..... so the karaoke singer turns and looks at me, like I did something wrong.... All I can do is throw my hands up.

Hope this is found and fixed.

Inviato Wed 01 Nov 17 @ 9:53 pm
I'm Downloading 3954 build now, and will use it tonight. I'll see if the lag is present and let you know for certain.

Inviato Wed 01 Nov 17 @ 9:54 pm
So, Unfortunately... I'm using the previous build, and I'm still getting the lag...... Not sure what to do....It's killing me.

Inviato Thu 02 Nov 17 @ 2:06 am
OK.... so Update.... It was much better than I had originally thought. I may have spoke to soon... it may have been a hard drive that went to sleep. because it hasn't lagged all night except the beginning...... so I may have to test again. But as of now after a 5 hr gig with karaoke all night.... no more lag after my initial lag. no angry karaoke singers tonight.

Inviato Thu 02 Nov 17 @ 7:10 am
VDJ MikeyMike wrote :
it may have been a hard drive that went to sleep

Yes, it's always important to set your power settings an the laptop so everything is always full on

Inviato Thu 02 Nov 17 @ 9:59 am
I have had same lag problems described from past few updates. Only in my case it's still there and my HDD's and usb root hubs are set for power always on.
My computer is more than high enough spec (intel i7 cpu, 16gb ddr4 ram, 6gb nVidia GTX 1060) and windows has been optimised and working flawlessly before last updates.
Has the cause been found yet? or is there anything I can do to help determine the cause?

Inviato Sun 05 Nov 17 @ 1:35 pm

Using 3954, there is a lag whenever I plug in a usb drive. I have a PNY 128gb usb3.0, Sandisk 32gb Usb2.0, and my phone.
Whenever any one of those 3 get plugged in, VDJ starts to lag.
The waveform still scrolls, but key presses and mouse clicks are delayed.
I have Numark V7's and even pushing the play button on that takes a few seconds to register.

I downgraded to 3440 and had no issues.

Inviato Sun 05 Nov 17 @ 3:37 pm
Update. I went back to the latest version to compare to the older build. and No Lag.

I'm not sure what the cause was, but seems to be fixed and working ok.

I've always had my Power Settings to Full ON always. No But sometimes when you don't access a drive for a while it does go into some sort of suspension mode... I've noticed. But anyway.

You guys rock. Love VDJ. Been using it since 2005. Back in the Days of Atomix MP3 4.3

Inviato Fri 10 Nov 17 @ 9:51 pm
Just a quick follow up for OP or anyone else still having issue, latest build arrived yesterday (v8.2 b3967) is a noteable improvement.

There is still a slight stutter in video when typing in search box (unles you type slow), but it is around 100x smaller, fractions of a second when typing rather than several seconds.
Not perfect but it's a huge improvement and definately more useable, thanks dev's!

Inviato Sat 11 Nov 17 @ 9:59 am
Downgrading to 3440 made my filter folders disappear. I can create them, but they never show on the list
Upgraded to 3967 and the lag has stopped and the filter folders returned.

A new problem though, VDJ will randomly cause explorer.exe to freeze whenever its running

Inviato Mon 13 Nov 17 @ 9:32 pm
ronuccPRO InfinityMember since 2010
I use a program called NoSleepHD, this is becuase some portable hard drives have a firmware sleep function which you cannot turn off. The program simply writes and erases a dummy file every so often, you can set up the duration etc.

You can get a copy here

Inviato Tue 14 Nov 17 @ 4:15 pm