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Topic: Live Feedback
Any chance of adding an Option to write the Live Recommended Feedback tracks to txt file. The reason I ask for this is that It recommends only 4 tracks replacing to oldest each time and I miss some of the recommendations and it would be nice to see after I have finished what ones I do not have and go take a listen and see if its something I wish to purchase. Many thanks please keep up the fantastic work really loving VDJ 8.2

Inviato Thu 02 Nov 17 @ 7:40 pm
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006
You could check your history list of the night, select all tracks, right-click and select 'Search with GeniusDJ' to get more recommendations based on your playlist.

Inviato Fri 03 Nov 17 @ 4:33 am
I looked at that but as the Thread title explains I want the Live feedback logged to file not the tracks I already own and play. thanks for your input just not what I am looking for

Inviato Fri 10 Nov 17 @ 4:43 pm
Do you realise that VDJ can be set to save any unsuccessful searches to a text file?

I know it's not ideal, but any suggestions that come up - if you enter them into the search box and get no results, that search can/will be saved.

Inviato Fri 10 Nov 17 @ 6:21 pm