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hi.....relatively new to Virtual DJ but enjoying and wondering about a very basic controller area I know little or nothing about......any recommendations?.......also if a controller comes with Virtual DJ LE 8........I have VDJ 8.2 and an analog mixer licence.......what other licence would I need to buy? .....I am an enthusiastic amateur with no intention of playing for money........who knows though ^_^

Inviato Thu 23 Nov 17 @ 5:36 pm
spamfreedave wrote :
any recommendations?

Well what's your budget?

Also, what kit are you using with your analogue mixer license?

Whatever controller you buy, you'd need to buy a license for that controller. IMO you would've been better off buying a Pro license to start with, then any kit you bought/buy - past, present or future - won't cost you extra for another license.

Inviato Thu 23 Nov 17 @ 6:22 pm
Numark DJ2GO2. Only £60 and a great wee controller for a beginner with built in sound card.

Sadly it's Serato supported so you would need an additional VDJ controller licence.

Inviato Thu 23 Nov 17 @ 6:31 pm
thanks for advice and may well go for the pro licence....would still like recommendations for best quality enthusiastic beginner controller that will work well with VDJ......not sure I need the 'jog wheels' though as I have no idea what they do.......last time I DJ'd was way back in the day with two decks and one big rheostat between them and a basic EQ

Inviato Thu 23 Nov 17 @ 8:38 pm
spamfreedave wrote :
would still like recommendations

Your budget?

spamfreedave wrote :
I have no idea what they do

They do exactly the same as the ones on screen in VDJ.

Inviato Thu 23 Nov 17 @ 8:49 pm