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Topic: Auto Stop Automix
Would love to see VDJ8 written so that if automix is active and you manually start any player with a keyboard shortcut or pressing the deck play button that the automix would auto turn off. I can't think of anytime you would fire a song and not want to turn off the automix and bring crossfader back to center.
I think this feature is like cruise control turning off when you hit the brakes. Imagine if you hit the brakes and the cruise control stayed on.

Inviato Thu 07 Dec 17 @ 12:52 am
Hmm. That wouldn't really be a good thing in general - at least not for me

Automix is just another track playing, that happens to have another track waiting at the end of it.
It's an integrated part of a DJing flow.

Remember that you can beatmix out of it and effect out of it and so on - so it would be pretty bad if it just stopped playing. Again: in the situation where you are about to stop using automix, think of it like any other track currently playing, and act like if you were mixing out of a track, which in fact is what you are doing

Like in these 2 examples:

You can also mix back into it if you just needed to play for a specific track for a few minutes, like in this example:

So regarding your car example, it would be more like if cruise control stopped on your neighbours car, when you touched the breaks on your car :)

Inviato Thu 07 Dec 17 @ 4:13 am
here is a script to assign to a KEY or a BUTTON. This script will only work if AUTOMIX is enabled (copy and paste)

automix ? automix & deck 1 play ? deck 2 play & deck 1 repeat_start_instant 'levelSweep' 10ms 101 & level & param_smaller 1% ? stop & repeat_stop 'levelSweep' & stop & repeat_start "WaitTimer" 100ms 1 & level 100% : level -1% : deck 2 play ? deck 1 play & deck 2 repeat_start_instant 'levelSweep' 10ms 101 & level & param_smaller 1% ? stop & repeat_stop 'levelSweep' & stop & repeat_start "WaitTimer" 100ms 1 & level 100% : level -1%

Inviato Thu 07 Dec 17 @ 4:55 am
Thanks for the 2 examples. I never thought of using automix for live mixing. I only use if for prelude music, cocktail hour and dinner music when my client has a playlist I preload. Once the dancing or a spotlight song starts I turn off the automix before I start song or it jumps back and plays the next song. If is interesting that your crossfader stays in the middle when you are in automix. Mine always goes 100% to the side that is active and at the mix crossfade automatically. As long as I remember to turn off automix it's fine. Turning it off doesn't stop the current song it just lets me safely start any song I need and doesn't want to revert back to the next song.

Thanks for the script. I tried it. I think you have to be a rocket scientist to figure that script out. I guess I didn't describe exactly what I needed.
I actually have two different keys assigned to start deck 1 & 2. They work perfect except when automix is active. I would need a script for each deck that just by default still was a play button for each deck and then if automix was active it would stop automix, return crossfader to 50%, NO level change, and still start the respective deck for that button.

I actually was able to write a simple 4 step script that works perfect when automix is on. The problem is that automix toggles so if it isn't on and I just want to start that deck it starts the song but also starts automix.

Here's what I wrote that works when automix is active. This is for deck 1. I just switch the 1 & 2 in the script and it works for that button for deck 2.

Thanks for all the info........

Inviato Fri 08 Dec 17 @ 5:20 am
deck 2 play_button & deck 1 stop_button & auto_crossfade 50%

Inviato Fri 08 Dec 17 @ 5:22 am
After several days of testing scripts (I'm a slow learner) I got it working. This may not be for most of the Club DJ's but if any Wedding DJ's like me have been frustrated with the way Automix works this is a great fix. You can copy and paste and just change the button F2 and F6 to whatever button you use to start deck 1 & 2.
Hope it helps someone. Sure works great for my gigs.

F2 automix ? deck 1 play_button & deck 2 stop_button & auto_crossfade 50% & automix : deck 1 play_button

F6 automix ? deck 2 play_button & deck 1 stop_button & auto_crossfade 50% & automix : deck 2 play_button

Inviato Sat 09 Dec 17 @ 6:05 pm