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Topic: Suggestions on songs for HS kids
Hello VDJ users,
Early February Im djing a HS Prom for special needs students who cant attend their regular prom.
I usually just do weddings because when it comes to the music selection its what I love to play/listen to. My music preferences span about 70 years.
I love being able to spin Chubby Checker into Sirmixalot into Justin Timberlake and then Dean Martin with a drum kit.
But these are all HS kids. These kids are all about now. The new pop songs on the iheartradio channels.
I got all the songs from the hot billboard 100, iheartradio 100, etc. And I gotta be real when I say the new music currently sucks.
Other than Bruno Mars, Meghan Trainor, Arianna Grande, JT, and a small handful of others nobody makes music thats clearly dance-able. Atleast not to me anyways.....
So then I started listening to the pop and venus and Disney Sirius sat stations...and as expected its the same songs as on the billboard.
Am I wrong? I could be. So Im looking for suggestions on what to play. No EDM, unless its a super hit....its gotta be pop/radio friendly.
Maybe theres some awesome remixes out there Im not aware of. Help if ya can. Thanks.

Inviato Thu 25 Jan 18 @ 8:14 pm
I'd suggest checking out the Shazam charts to see what tracks people are seeking info for. Also check the iTunes chart to see what they're buying, and the Spotify chart to see what they're streaming.

Inviato Thu 25 Jan 18 @ 9:01 pm

Inviato Fri 26 Jan 18 @ 2:11 pm
thanks everyone. im gonna check all those sources out. listen, and cue the hot ones up. I just needed direction and yall were kind enough to give e a lead. Bless.

Inviato Fri 26 Jan 18 @ 6:11 pm
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
All sound advice above, but also play outside current trends, HS is a pretty diverse group, be willing to drop anything you think .

If you just follow popular then you're missing a chance to educate.

Inviato Fri 26 Jan 18 @ 7:26 pm
locodog wrote :
missing a chance to educate.

True. Maybe introduce some old tracks that have recently been sampled...

Bruno Mars 'Finesse' has a Swingbeat (or New Jack Swing) sound that was used 1986-1995ish (Bell Biv DeVoe 'Poison' for example).

Inviato Fri 26 Jan 18 @ 8:40 pm
yea, good idea. thanks

Inviato Fri 26 Jan 18 @ 8:50 pm
Also remember we don't have to like the crap that's out, just play what the clients want. These are special needs kids, but most will probably, like most of the current stuff. However you have to be careful, the kids did not hire you, the grown-ups did. My main concern is to please the parents first. Unfortunately, the most popular music now is rap/hip hop. I am also a member of School Dance Network. They provide me with a safe dance playlist, and the schools can check that I'm a member. Not all clean versions are really clean, they listen to every song, and let you know. It would also help to bring a couple of young people with you, that can perform some dances or routines. Don't worry, you will be able to play some of the classic stuff also. Happy music never goes out of style.

Inviato Mon 29 Jan 18 @ 2:46 am
check out Kidz Bop Disney has done the research for you, these are all certifiable hits. The Disney versions are squeaky clean. for example "hey sexy lady" lyrics are "Hey pretty lady" in the Gangnam Style song. Don't forget classic hits like YMCA and Hey Macarena. Special ed kids know their music. (I am not saying play Kidz Bob cd's but they give you a good idea of what is hot, so you can download the radio edits.)

the last teen dance I did was all xrated rap , I told the parents
in advance what they requested and they said Hey it is their party.

Inviato Mon 26 Feb 18 @ 12:04 am