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Topic: So I have this gig in june...
It's a volunteer gig, and I'm super stressed out!

It's an event I have done yearly, but until now it was just this cute little rave in a small tent... Now this year I'm the key event for the evening in a big building!


I've never entertained more than 15 people at most, and my skills are limited to basically mixing between songs and some basic lighting... I need all the advice I can get...

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Inviato Thu 12 Apr 18 @ 10:47 pm
what exactly are you nervous about? lots of unanswered questions...

15 vs 150 vs 1500 its all the same to me . Trying to keep a group of people happy and dancing.

Inviato Fri 13 Apr 18 @ 1:10 am
Idk I just worry something is gonna go horribly wrong. I mentioned to the event organizers that I wanted to do my same rave but things changed and all the sudden I am doing a much bigger event.

I guess there's just a lot of stress given I am going to be the big event for the day.

Inviato Fri 13 Apr 18 @ 2:34 am
If you mean technically it can help calm the nerves to have "2 of each" and have it all running and ready

So for instance if your responsibility ends with output to a stage box for the PA, then have 2 identical laptops, 2 controllers, 2 soundcards, 2 headphones, 2 mics (if that's included), and output to 2 separate stereo inputs on the stage box.
Then you know that if something goes wrong technically, you can just move one step over, click play and continue DJing on the backup system
- and if that doesn't fix it, maybe because the PA crashes, or the venue looses power, everyone will know that you are not to be blamed

If on the other hand you are also in charge of the PA, bring someone else to focus on keeping that running.
And have a plan for how to continue if each part of it fails (for instance if you have 2 subs and 1 fails, you can boost the other one a bit and finish the set. The same goes for tops, even though you may want 4. Have 2 independent light setups, so you can make due with just 1 running. Have a spare of all needed cables - and so on

You can also bring 2 more guys - 1 for the DJ setup and 1 for PA and light - and decide to not focus on the technical side at all.
Then the agreement is that if something goes wrong technically, you simply step back, wait, and only start DJing again when you are told the issue has been resolved. That's the pro festival DJ kind of approach

It's really all about being comfortable standing there DJing, knowing that no matter what happens you or your team will be able to "bring it home".
That removes a lot of the nerves, and lets you focus on the actual DJing

Inviato Fri 13 Apr 18 @ 5:34 am
TearEmUpPRO InfinitySenior ModeratorMember since 2006
Best advice. Don't worry about beat matching every song. Instead, concentrate on "reading"" your crowd. Play music they want to hear instead of trying to force a blend.

Inviato Fri 13 Apr 18 @ 11:56 am
This is all great advice. Thank you!

I will indeed have a backup laptop. Audio equipment is provided, and I believe some lighting will be also. My controller can also be used standalone if both laptops decide to quit working (last year my laptop quit mid show and I had to switch to the controller doing all the work), so that's a third (and final) solution if something goes very wrong.

klausmogensen: something you've made me think about is that I should probably have one of the event volunteers stick around (who is good with sound) in case something audio wise goes wrong. That would definitely be better (and more professional) than me running around trying to fix stuff.

Inviato Fri 13 Apr 18 @ 12:35 pm
don't be so over your head keep your cool and just have a good time doing what u like to do

Inviato Fri 13 Apr 18 @ 5:43 pm
trevcdaPRO InfinityMember since 2008
I always have an iPod cued up to a guaranteed crowd-pleaser playlist (whatever that may be in your situation) and patched into my mixer. I've only needed a couple of times. My computer stuttered the audio a couple of times and died. I threw up my hands like I was expecting it, teased the crowd a little, then hit play on my iPod. Bam! I just bought myself several songs to figure out what went wrong or bring out the back computer. If you're responsible for the audio, you should already know how that whole things is patched together and how you can rewire it on the fly to limp through your show. Hit the iPod if you need some more time. Whatever you do, don't panic and don't look like you're panicked. Be prepared, bring back ups and if you need help, ask for it ahead of time and have them on standby.

Inviato Sat 14 Apr 18 @ 1:36 am
Followup on this:

It went great! It was a total success!

there were no audio failures and only minor user-error issues with the lighting software. I used QLC+ and a USB to DMX converter, which was new to me and took a bit of learning beforehand. Here is a couple video clips and a photo taken of me below:

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Inviato Tue 31 Jul 18 @ 4:16 am
What in the world.. Contact information.

That's pretty dumb given I don't even do gigs for people that ask. I just wanted to share my rave but ok.

Inviato Thu 02 Aug 18 @ 12:49 am
I was able to get to your website, which showed various DJ packages that you offered.

Inviato Fri 03 Aug 18 @ 6:28 am
A Man and His Music wrote :
I was able to get to your website, which showed various DJ packages that you offered.

in addition to the fact that the copyright text is a year outdated, I don't offer (and never have offered) any services, and the website was never supposed to be public.


Inviato Sat 04 Aug 18 @ 4:15 am

Inviato Sat 04 Aug 18 @ 11:57 am
Yea not sure... I don't know enough about this forum.

I do know two things though:

- The website doesn't have contact information
- I don't even know where he got the website from... It wasn't in either of the vids I posted.


A while back it also said LE license... Not sure why that changed. I do have an LE license.

Inviato Mon 06 Aug 18 @ 2:18 pm
djeddie1216 wrote :
It wasn't in either of the vids I posted.

It doesn't need to be in the videos...

The videos are on YouTube. You have a YouTube account/profile. Your profile has an email address and links to your Facebook page and two of your own websites.

Inviato Mon 06 Aug 18 @ 6:02 pm
djeddie1216 wrote :
I don't even know where he got the website from... It wasn't in either of the vids I posted.

Maybe from your original Thread???

You posted a link to a Picture on your

Inviato Tue 07 Aug 18 @ 12:10 pm
The point is, I was able to get to his info, from the link he posted. The bottom line is, Home users are not allowed to post contact info, direct or indirect. I don't make them, just enforce them.

Inviato Wed 08 Aug 18 @ 6:33 pm
Alright. Not gonna fight the rules, I just don't agree with how it works ;)

Inviato Fri 10 Aug 18 @ 12:56 pm