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Topic: download cue not downloading to cache
I am really trying to get used to the new ADJ Version 8, there are some good things but when you have used the previous version and become comfortable... it's a bit scary. I can now use my content unlimited service again (would no longer work with 7) I acquired a few songs, clean versions but they would not download to cache , they simply went in a Download queue yet they would not download. Any suggestions.
Thank you in advance , sincerely a fella who's trying to get comfortable with the newer Version 8

Inviato Sat 23 Jun 18 @ 4:56 am
Practice, practice, practice. Take your time, and take a look at the manual. When you get stuck, ask on the forum for help. As for your contenunlimited problem, make sure you are online. If it's in the queue, then for some reason it was not available, and is waiting to download. If you still have issues, contact support.

Inviato Mon 25 Jun 18 @ 4:05 am