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Topic: roland dj 808 vs pioneer sx3
Looking to buy a new controller. looking at either sx3 or the roland dj 808. just stepped away from ddj sz2 because of the weight of the unit and the case. I am old lol. Thoughts?"

Inviato Sat 21 Jul 18 @ 4:26 am
If you don't need the sequencer of the 808 I would probably go with the sx3

Roland is the a little new in the controller game, and the big thing on their controller is the sequencer

The sx3 is the 3rd generation of almost the same controller if you will, and without strange newly developed features that can go wrong (like screens, and sequencers and so on) - so I would consider it a pretty safe bet

Inviato Sat 21 Jul 18 @ 5:52 pm
what are your thoughts on the denon 7000. i was considering the ddj 1000 but thought i was getting back into weight

Inviato Sat 21 Jul 18 @ 9:11 pm
denon 7000 and roland 808 I don't tested , but I can tell you the Roland 202 is for me the reason to sold my pioneer ddj sx.
The new brand for dj controller give it to me a wonderfull feedback.
A kingly gift can give yourself , walk inside a shop with several controllers where you like and handle these.
Best point on this way , YOU vote it .
best regards MarshallTom TM
also an old man ;-)

Inviato Sun 22 Jul 18 @ 12:08 pm
would love to test them out. only problem here in the cincinnati area the few shops there are only have a few pioneer or numark

Inviato Tue 31 Jul 18 @ 9:55 pm
No other local DJs that may allow you to play on their controllers? Post on social media perhaps...

Inviato Wed 01 Aug 18 @ 4:32 pm