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Topic: SoundSpectrum Plugin for VirtualDJ

If its a plugin for VirtualDJ that sounds interesting :)
Would love to give it a try. Is there a download for the plugin to test?

Inviato Thu 06 Sep 18 @ 7:54 pm
is there a demo of this for virtual dj?

Inviato Thu 06 Sep 18 @ 8:06 pm
So where is this plugin for Virtual DJ and how do people get it?

You mentioned it yet didn't provide a link. No obvious mentions or links on your web site. Why make it so hard to find?

Inviato Sat 08 Sep 18 @ 7:32 pm
I've been using Aeon, G-Force and Whitecap plugins for almost 2 or 3 years now... Just go to their website, download what you want and install. All they need is your e-mail address. I'm not sure how to choose compatibility with VDJ, but I always check WMP compatibility and it works for me in VDJ. In my opinion, it's mostly obsolete compared to shadertoy visuals or even milkdrop... Visual reaction to sound is slow and effects are boring. Aeon is better, but even more slow. There's no control over the plugins from VDJ, creators always nagging they can't get support from VDJ sttaf and so on. Never mind, the plugins exist and it's compatible with VDJ, but endlessly complicated for public use. Came too late and not very supportive on their forum (ignorant volunteers!)...

Inviato Wed 24 Oct 18 @ 9:33 am

because of my poor video card, sometimes i use g force free because is very adaptative, the site says is customizable in a paid version, its an option for home, but with the new shaders as mentioned above the vdj has better visuals


Inviato Wed 24 Oct 18 @ 7:17 pm
that initial notice about VDJ now supporting mouse input is the one problem, and the only thing causing my reluctance to use SoundSpectrum GeForce (I'm a paid user).

Does any GeForce user know if that message can be disabled?

Inviato Wed 27 Mar 19 @ 10:40 am