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Topic: Pioneer DDJ 1000 Beat Effect Screen
Hello all

The DDJ 1000 when connected to my Mac the display "Beat Effect Screen" that shows what effect you are on
does not come on (It turns off after VDJ boots all the way up) this only happens on my Mac the display works fine
on my windows PC. (I'm talking about the screen over the effect select knob) is there anything I can try to do to fix this

(I have tried this on 3 different Mac all the same)

Thank You

Inviato Thu 13 Sep 18 @ 8:06 pm
same here, i kinda figured the window just didnt work. i only use the echo effect anyhow so it didnt bother me

Inviato Thu 13 Sep 18 @ 11:25 pm
That's the only effect that I use as well but like I said on the PC the screen works fine

Inviato Fri 14 Sep 18 @ 12:36 am
Same here, under Windows it works, but under Mac not

Inviato Tue 30 Oct 18 @ 3:47 pm
hello, i opened a support ticket and thats the answer i get it from.


Pioneer changed the communication mode of the DDJ-1000 with MAC OS and therefore there are problems. Our hardware development department is aware, but they have not found what causes the problem yet (and Pioneer does not offer information about it). We do not know how much longer it will be required to fix it.


Inviato Wed 31 Oct 18 @ 12:19 am
djtomasdiaz wrote :

Pioneer changed the communication mode of the DDJ-1000 with MAC OS and therefore there are problems.

This is yet another 'nail in the coffin' of the DDJ-1000. I wonder if this could be contributing to my input gain problems.

I'm seriously considering selling mine. I have found that the microphone channel quality is nowhere near as good as my Denon MC6000 MKII. The Mic switch is also in an awkward position. Oh, and my FX screen is blank too.

I don't know whether this is VirtualDJ's implementation or Pioneers hardware, but, I output from VDJ at maximum default zeroDB, yet, the individual track meters are only half volume in the green lights zone and don't even reach the amber lights. I have to use the gain control to bring the input volume up to the correct level (NOT in the red before anyone asks lol). I have to do this on every track I spin, I never have to do this on my Denon.

I stopped using the DDJ-1000 when I upgraded my new MBP to Mojave as it wasn't supported by Pioneer. I've been using my Denon MC6000 MKII until Pioneer announced last Thursday that they had finished testing and announced that the DDJ-1000 was now supported in Mojave. So, I used the DDJ-1000 last Friday and Saturday and it just confirmed my negative thoughts about the DDJ-1000.

At the time I bought the DDJ-1000 I was going to buy the Denon MC7000 as an upgrade from the MC6000 MKII, but, I thought the DDJ-1000 and Rekordbox would the way forward (Rekordbox has a long way to go yet). I'm regretting that decision now, anybody wanna swap lol?

Inviato Wed 31 Oct 18 @ 8:16 am
DJ Brandon Jamesfrom Virtual Dj Team Message


Unfortunately No. We are looking at the firmware to located whatever bug is cause this but it looks like Pioneer added some sort of special "handshake" command.

Inviato Tue 06 Nov 18 @ 12:28 pm
PBENTHome userMember since 2018
Do you think this issue will be resolved?

Inviato Sat 22 Dec 18 @ 2:06 am
This may be one of those things that do not get fixed. I wish I had more
info to offer you. I know this seems like a small issue but I do understand my OCD will not
allow me to use this controller with my Mac that means I have to use a
different controller for my mobile gigs.

Inviato Mon 24 Dec 18 @ 3:25 pm
audio000 wrote :
that means I have to use a
different controller for my mobile gigs.

....or use a PC. :-)

Inviato Mon 24 Dec 18 @ 5:14 pm
yaqopPRO InfinityMember since 2005
same here Beat Effect Screen black

mac os high sierra :(

Inviato Tue 25 Dec 18 @ 1:31 pm
A tip, as I use it, so that the "Beat FX" display works on Mac.
At the same time, start Recordbox and open the Recorder box so that you do not accidentally put a track into the player.

Inviato Wed 26 Dec 18 @ 11:55 am
Has any proper fix come out yet guys? Has anyone else tried leaving rekordbox running in the background?

Inviato Fri 08 Feb 19 @ 2:33 pm
\if you connect a second laptop to the DDJ 1000 with Rekordbox open you will get the effect panel and they will work without any issues

Inviato Tue 19 Feb 19 @ 2:48 am
The issue has been identified and has been fixed on latest public release of VirtualDJ 2018 (build 4756)

Inviato Tue 19 Feb 19 @ 8:31 am