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Topic: Playing flac file
Hi, i need help please. All my collection is in flac, and one album equal one flac file, so when i add an album to virtual dj 8 i only have 1 files (full album), is it possible to advance to the start of each song within that files ? i hope my question is clear sorry i am french

Inviato Wed 17 Oct 18 @ 7:03 pm
You need to set up cue points at the time location of each track within the album.

Inviato Wed 17 Oct 18 @ 7:53 pm
I would think it would be easier to break the single flac up into individual flacs. So instead of 1 album equaling 1 flac; 1 song would equal 1 flac (multiple flacs equal 1 album). Any chance that would be a solution?

Inviato Thu 18 Oct 18 @ 12:50 pm