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Topic: Slip Mode Problem
When I'm in Slip mode, and I press the pause/play button twice, the track doesn't slip. Rather, it stops and continues from where it stopped.

this is not the same as in Serato.

In serato, once in slip mode, you can press the play/pause button freely without the track going off beat.

Help, do I need to set anything?

NOTE: Every other thing in slip mode works well, scratching, cue and other effects. just the pause/play button doesn't obey the rule.

Inviato Fri 19 Oct 18 @ 5:22 pm
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005
iamDJvirus wrote :
... this is not the same as in Serato

This was never the sole reason for VDJ to follow something that others do! ;)

I understand that combining Slip mode with scratching, hot cues, loops etc provide some kind of mixing technique without losing the beat, but can you find a good reason why and in what case having the play/pause working that way in slip mode , would serve any mixing purpose/technique ?
If all you want is to mute sound and continue in beat, then why don't you just set its volume to zero and restore back when u need ?

Inviato Sat 20 Oct 18 @ 1:15 am
maybe he is trying to make a break effect?

Inviato Sat 20 Oct 18 @ 1:23 am

Inviato Sat 20 Oct 18 @ 9:11 am
Yeah... I'd like a slip mode pause. I want to do breaks that way and have them stay in sync. Not because of Serato but because that's how I'd like to do them.

Inviato Sat 20 Oct 18 @ 6:07 pm