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Topic: Long old school mixes
I want to start two songs at once, on beat, simultaneously. In other words, I need to lay a song down in the wave then edit the next wave on top of it kind of like a DAW. For like real creative mixing. Like say; lay down a ten minute beat or loop and mix twenty songs over it, one at a time. Can I even do that in a basic DJ software??

Inviato Fri 19 Oct 18 @ 8:03 pm
You can have as many decks as you like in vdj, so you can do this in a couple of ways

You could sample a background beat and play it out over the sampler, so have a play with that or

Or you could loop a section on one deck mixing other tracks in on the other decks, which would be my preferred way as you can switch to a four deck skin and have three decks to overlay, and you have full eq, filters etc available even on the deck your using for you beat track


Inviato Sat 20 Oct 18 @ 6:38 am