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Topic: Mapping tornado knoobs with the controller?

Inviato Sun 11 Nov 18 @ 2:26 pm
and do you find a solution yet i am struggling also

Inviato Sat 17 Nov 18 @ 5:54 am
you need to map knobs to

deck 1 effect_slider 1
all the way to
deck 1 effect_slider 8

and the same for deck 2

that way you can control the 8 knobs

I use one of these to do the actual control of turnado

FYI of course to use any controller a license is required

good luck and have fun

Inviato Sat 17 Nov 18 @ 2:09 pm
i have still a few days on my demo otherwise it will be worth de 49 euro!!

Inviato Sat 17 Nov 18 @ 7:02 pm