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Topic: Beginning IDJ Pool
Rather than keep posting in other thread, I thought I might be better to start a new thread about the only professional DJ Pool available in the menu of VDJ. This is for more experienced DJ's using IDJ Pool to keep beginners get going.

For me the first question is this
Is there two versions of IDJ Pool, one for $9.99 and one for $50? I purchased the version for $10 inside the VDJ software where Videos and Karaoke was also available. But when I was trying to research the subject, I went directly to and found many options, Latin, Christian, Country, etc, and one with all for $50. Help us to explain what gives here. I can find a Youtube Video of a guy explaining how to search, download, and load into playlist and Que of the $50 version. But what I did last night is search for some popular artists that I have all the music I want already and see what is in IDJ Pool. The Results was a very bad search engine yielding some really unrelated song, and very little of the latin music that I currently play. Some of the most popular artists Marc Anthony is pretty mainstream and the results were nothing. Salsa/Bachata artists and songs selection was very limited, completely useless for me. Name of artist or exact names of songs did not work. The $50 dollar version has folders of artists and genres shown on Youtube and looked easy to search.

I did download a few songs just to see how it works. Fast download and I put the songs into existing playlists of music already on my hard drive. Can edit the files such as color coding the playlist just like existing music.

Does anybody have any insight into what I am talking about.
Thank You in advance

Inviato Wed 19 Dec 18 @ 11:23 pm
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006
The idjpool subscription on their website is indeed different from the one offered within virtualdj. They have a different catalog as well.

Inviato Thu 20 Dec 18 @ 10:41 am
So if this is the only online subscription available for VDJ, and it lakes all but the most popular songs, what is everybody doing? How can I use a better professional streaming service and get it to work in Virtual DJ?

Inviato Thu 03 Jan 19 @ 9:19 am
Buy your music. Streaming services are unreliable and can be shut down with little notice (exactly what happened to the previous VDJ one)

There is no way I would ask customers to pay me for a gig based on music I didn't own and have no guarantee I could use.

The likes of Xtendamix have vast catalogues and cost very little.

Inviato Thu 03 Jan 19 @ 9:41 am
blckjckPRO InfinityMember since 2008
We use the more expensive pools to download and keep the tracks. We then own them. They are not rented like the streaming subscription.
We use the streaming for the songs we might not own yet.

Inviato Thu 03 Jan 19 @ 12:32 pm
My understanding is that if you subscribe to the one offered through the VDJ site, it allows you to download the songs but you can only play them using the VDJ software. That's why its only $10/mnth. The other option cost over $50, but you can use it to play on any DJ software.

Inviato Mon 28 Jan 19 @ 9:07 pm