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Topic: i am no longer a DJ for hire Can I still buy and use Content unlimited with free version
BobbyP3PRO SubscriberMember since 2015
i am no longer a DJ for hire Can I still buy and use content unlimited for free version

Inviato Fri 11 Jan 19 @ 4:31 am
Are you asking because you read the conditions here?

You're not the first person to be confused by that. The text has been copied directly from iDJPool's site (for their service) instead of being worded correctly for Content Unlimited. You can tell it's wrong because it refers to MP3s (which Content Unlimited does not supply).

I did try recently to communicate this error to Atomix, but they either can't see the problem or they don't care.

As far as I know, you can still use a Content Unlimited subscription without being a working DJ - despite the incorrect wording.

Inviato Sat 12 Jan 19 @ 8:18 am