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Topic: Someone help me setup of IMU version 7.0,
Hi eveeybody
I have problem with pangolin essential visual. I trying to search on internet but i cant find download link .please guys send me a demo setup of IMU.exe to my email REDACTED thanks
Pangolin visual essential imu.exe. any version for windows

Inviato Tue 04 Jun 19 @ 12:58 am
You have to email them and theyll send you a link

Inviato Tue 04 Jun 19 @ 1:40 am
Pangolin does not support IMU anymore and don't think they offer a link to it. But I have the unrestricted IMU and it's free. I am allowed to distribute it but only for TellyVisuals. I also offer no support for IMU other then minor things. TV is backward compatible with EV and goes way beyond it. You can email me for the details.

Inviato Sat 08 Jun 19 @ 8:16 pm
No link on their page

Inviato Mon 10 Jun 19 @ 10:16 pm
Thank you for your interest in IMU. We initially released it in 2002, and we were about the second company in the entire world with a text-to-screen software, with the other one being around $50,000 USD and meant for broadcast use (and difficult to use).

During its development, IMU went through seven generations -- initially being offered for around $5000, and eventually released as something completely free for use by DJs.

Text messaging really hit its stride around 2008, but it's been downhill from there. These days it has been largely replaced by WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Twitter, WeChat and many others.

With the decline of text messaging, and compatible modems themselves being essentially unavailable now (with the last Huawei modem being discontinued around a year ago), it simply became impossible to maintain the program in a way that would be useful to people -- even for free. For these reasons, we decided to discontinue the product.

We came on the market years before FireText, and lasted until years after it was gone... And on those occasions when customers call us for support, we still support them as best as we can.

We really hated to discontinue the program, but the modem problem is the real kicker... We do appreciate the interest of everyone, and if anyone has good ideas about how we could bring it back to life -- especially if there is a compatible modem being offered, that works with Windows 7 and Windows 10, please contact us using our contact form here:

Best regards,

William Benner

Inviato Sat 27 Jul 19 @ 11:50 am
your link not exist.....

Inviato Mon 02 Sep 19 @ 6:11 pm