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Topic: vdj home updated and now it only works as vdj7
I have been using virtual dj at home, building up a collection of virtual folders to catalog my music, but all the sudden, the program comes up as if it were vdj7 instead of 8

The sidelists, color coding of tracks, mixer, and automix functions are gone, and none of my virtual folders work anymore. I use vdj8 at work (paid licenses by the club I work for) and I just want to be able to organize my music at home in a way that works when I bring my HD to work with me. Is there any way to get the home version to revert back to working like 8?

For the record, I dont even have a controller at home, this is strictly used for organizing tracks into virtual folders and learning music.

Inviato Tue 25 Jun 19 @ 3:24 am
I'm not sure what you mean by "as if it were vdj7" because VirtualDJ 7 also had a sidelist, a mixer, automix and virtual folders.

Inviato Tue 25 Jun 19 @ 6:59 pm
I mean to say, the functionality of vdj8 was replaced with 7. Also none of my virtual folders that work for version 8 will work now. Adding to that the lack of the color coding ability in the title editor makes me very upset.

Im trying to become proficient in the version they use at my club, but this is now an older version all the sudden

Inviato Sat 29 Jun 19 @ 4:26 am
I think you need to post a screenshot, as what you're saying doesn't make any sense.

VDJ 8 would not suddenly change to VDJ 7. Even if you have installed VDJ 7 it does not overwrite VDJ 8.

Of course you can always reinstall VDJ 8 if you think something has got corrupted somehow.

Inviato Sat 29 Jun 19 @ 11:49 am
I am using the free version at home. It used to look and behgave like version 8, but now it looks and behaves like version 7, and none of the virtual folders I have made, which work perfectly for vdj8 will work anymore. I tried posting a screenshot but this forum doesnt seem to have a simple way to do that.

Inviato Thu 11 Jul 19 @ 3:31 am
You add screenshots by clicking the image icon below - all the way to the right

Inviato Thu 11 Jul 19 @ 7:11 am
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
@klausmogensen: You forget Home Users have to provide a link to their screenshots. Limitation prevents Home Users to post bbcode: no quote no code no font decoration and no upload of image. Only License users can do that. There is no icon bellow for them :(

Inviato Thu 11 Jul 19 @ 10:30 am