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Topic: Importing Spotify Playlist to VDJ
Hi, a client has given me a Spotify playlist of Lebanese songs to play at his wedding, is there a way this can be played in VDJ ?

Inviato Wed 26 Jun 19 @ 4:52 pm
There are various conversion utils around, so you could probably convert it to a standard M3U playlist or iTunes playlist - but you certainly can't stream the tracks directly from Spotify. The Spotify T&Cs state that it's for personal use only, as are other consumer streaming sites.

Inviato Wed 26 Jun 19 @ 5:00 pm
I have tried a couple of Spotify converters but it only plays the first couple of minutes of each song unless you buy the full version at £35
I don't really want to pay this for something that I am unlikely to use or want to use again.

Inviato Wed 26 Jun 19 @ 5:09 pm
Have another look. They are out there. I used one to convert my Amazon Music playlists to Spotify ones.

You need to make clear to your client that you/he can't legally stream music from Spotify for public performance.

If he wants you to play those tracks, he'll have to buy them, or better still provide them on proper CD's (not ones he's burned) so you can be sure they're not ripped from YouTube etc.

Inviato Wed 26 Jun 19 @ 5:18 pm