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Topic: Is it me or is VDJ becoming to unstable???
I've had the program since 2007 and lately I've been having crashes and last night my controllers not showing up at a gig!!!

Seems to me the software is becoming too complex and less user friendly with the need of a more training just to use the base features which for me is to play music.

Am I the only one noticing this?

Inviato Sun 14 Jul 19 @ 11:58 pm
dunno… for me the software itself is rock solid... it's the old pc we're using that give me headaches. any other system and it takes real effort and stupidity to make it crash.
and the 64bit version is even more fun. I kinda LIKE running full HD video and only having 2-3% cpu usage.

Inviato Mon 15 Jul 19 @ 12:07 am
haven't had a real crash in a long time like 2 years or more

64bit version has never crashed on me

Inviato Mon 15 Jul 19 @ 12:36 am
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
really dunno if it's a VDJ issue, and even if I don't think it would be the only reason, because everything started for me with WINDOWS Update 1809 and with 1903 :/ it's even worth.

old PC with E6700 CPU - with WIN 1903 Home x64 for a long time - is far more stable then any of PC with I5/i7 which are not. And ASIO is working with it it.
More and more sound problems. only latest build enable again the use of 48k 24bits ... but it comes with WIN Pro x64 Update 1903 next week
Lenovo laptop & DELL Desktop have big issues, older Packard Bell/ACER is OK. I would have think the opposite

This is mainly system and OS dependant but yes there is more & more instability

"I removed the Log Error.txt... didn't figure out how long it was"

"quote=wickedmix]haven't had a real crash in a long time like 2 years or more[/quote"
Lucky you !!
Mac user ?

Inviato Mon 15 Jul 19 @ 2:07 am
Rock solid for me.

As mentioned above, Windows update may be the issue. I'm running a factory build of Windows 8.1 on my main machine and 5 years later no issues whatsoever even given all the versions of VDJ during that time.

Inviato Mon 15 Jul 19 @ 5:44 am
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005
@RetroDJCharlie It appears to be a crash related to some skin Font. Until we figure it out, i would recommend you to use the default skin(s)

Inviato Mon 15 Jul 19 @ 10:46 am
Actually windows 10 1903 is what I'm using

Inviato Mon 15 Jul 19 @ 4:42 pm
FYI...I'm using a Mac.

did notice a particular skin "Silver Sleek 2" is crashing.

It was suggested I do clean reinstall.

Inviato Mon 15 Jul 19 @ 5:39 pm
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005
No, of course you don't have to do a clean installation of VirtualDJ. Just use the default skin for now (or any other that doesnt crash) and we will offer a fix soon.

Inviato Mon 15 Jul 19 @ 5:46 pm
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
If it's skin/plugin/pad related uninstalling the problematic element is enough. If config related remove settings.xml is enough
VDJ does not install any strange thing, and external elements are simply readed from their folders at runtime

Inviato Mon 15 Jul 19 @ 5:46 pm