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Topic: Exporting separate mp3 files
Wondering if the following is possible

i have a collection of music videos that i use for my parties and have playlists
all these videos have custom fad in fade outs etc as they often have a lot of garbage at beginning and end

now i would love to have these as mp3s for playing from a memory stick, phone etc.

is there any way either via Virtual DJ or other software to either use a play list or other multi selection and then import all songs (each as a separate mp3) to a new location with all the fade ins / outs intact?



Inviato Wed 17 Jul 19 @ 7:31 pm
No, not possible.

You could probably find something to extract the audio but it would be for the whole file so either the original video file or the ripped audio file would need manually edited.

Also, if you use a legitimate video pool like Xtendamix the videos they provide have all the "garbage" already removed. I can assume you're just ripping them from Youtube or another streaming service?

Inviato Wed 17 Jul 19 @ 9:01 pm
not possible is such a harsh thing.

if it isnt built in or there arent any tools available it shouldnt be too hard to write a tool that loops over the list of songs in VDJ and uses for example FFMPEG to get the audio and fade it in and out.

Inviato Fri 19 Jul 19 @ 10:46 am
VDJ is playout software. Its not programmed for this sort of thing.

Inviato Fri 19 Jul 19 @ 11:52 am
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006
You could use automix and the recordAutoSplit option

Inviato Fri 19 Jul 19 @ 12:48 pm
will take a look at that, thanks

in the meantime i wrote a small program that reads the VDJ database and playlist files and then processes the files using FFMPEG and fades them in and out as i have it set in VDJ then creates new MP3 files

Was an interesting exercise also

Inviato Sat 20 Jul 19 @ 8:47 pm