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Topic: PFL CUE isn't working on the newest version of virtual DJ
Hello, on the older versions of Virtual DJ, I was able to use headphones to cue music onto the 2nd table before, and when in settings to config it the same way, with speaker and headphones, I show 2 red X on there with the channels and won't let me listen to the 2nd table. What is wrong here? What needs to be set for the headphones to work in tandem with a single sound card and not needing a separate spliter cable. Who has ever heard of a sound card using USB to get the sound out? I never have there are only sound cards that use the headphone jack as far as I am aware to send sound signals out. This seems to be an issue not really being worked on I guess?

Inviato Sun 21 Jul 19 @ 5:16 pm
You need to specify what "older versions" of VDJ you used, and exactly what audio interface you're using. Clearly if you're getting red Xs then your audio config is incorrect.

Please give more details. Mac or PC? What operating system?

In order to be able to have a master output and a cue output on a single interface, your audio interface needs to have enough channels - but as you failed to specify which interface you have, there's no way of anyone being able to help further.

Inviato Sun 21 Jul 19 @ 6:00 pm
I am using Windows 10. The thing that is listed in device manager says Digital Audio (s/pdif) 5- High Definition Audio Device in the listing of my sound card and a microphone and speakers. The one that works for me is Virtual DJ Home 7.0.5b b371 it is the one that works for this set up.

Inviato Sun 21 Jul 19 @ 6:15 pm
The only audio interface listed is the digital SPDIF one? That's an optical digital cable so I doubt that's where you've got your speakers plugged in.

What do you mean by "and a microphone and speakers"? What are they plugged into? What mic? What speakers?

You really need to provide more info. A screen grab would help.

Inviato Sun 21 Jul 19 @ 6:26 pm

Inviato Sun 21 Jul 19 @ 6:33 pm
Maybe post in the "OLD VERSIONS" section.

Inviato Tue 23 Jul 19 @ 5:16 am