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Topic: Missing Files Reset ever new program start despite having directed VDJ to them
Hi, Fam!

I have a VDJ database problem with some files in iTunes (yes, I want to run iTunes with VDJ). These are 25 new files I recently imported into my iTunes library from a separate folder, and that showed missing in the VDJ Browser (file path pointed to the - not existing anymore, is in trash - original folder from which they were loaded into iTunes).

Now, I directed VDJ to the files in the iTunes Media folder, re-inserted (and wrote) the tags and all was well... until I exited VDJ. Next time I opened VDJ I was back to start, with the files showing as missing and the file path pointing to the old folder.

This time I thought it wise not only to direct VDJ to the file location via the missing file dialog, but afterwards, via "File Operations" moving the file "officially" to the iTunes media folder. Again, all was well, until the next time I exited VDJ.

Back to to start, the files show missing again and point to the old folder, and I have run out of ideas. It is my understanding that VDJ should remember the location of a file once directed to it, no?

Any help appreciated, Mac OS Mojave, VDJ 8.x and MacBook Pro


Inviato Wed 11 Sep 19 @ 2:50 pm
PhilWPRO InfinityMember since 2011
Do you have write permission for the VDJ database file? Can’t be more specific as I am not a Mac user..

Inviato Wed 11 Sep 19 @ 5:12 pm
I assume so (the tags get written into the files).

Finally, after a long playing around with time trial-and-error approaches, the problem is SOLVED, and I will leave the solution here for others who might face the same thingy. NOTE that I have no idea why my solution works, but it does, and that's the important bit (I guess it has to do with the obscure ways iTunes is treating and updating its database).

Here is how I get the files to be remembered (and I have to do it *exactly* this way. If I modify even one step, it does not work). This process assumes that you have set iTunes correctly to share its XML file with other programs (Preferences > Advanced)

1. Close VDJ and iTunes (this updates the current iTunes library)

2. Option-start (this is for Mac!) iTunes to get to the "Choose Library" dialogue window. Point it to the library .itl file (usually to be found in the iTunes folder /user/Music/iTunes/)

3. Close iTunes (this again updates the database)

4. Start VDJ and open Settings > Options, then type "itunes" into the search bar to display the option for the iTunesDatabaseFile. Click on the arrow in the right to point VDJ to the iTunes xml file. In my case there were suddenly two iTunes Library.xml files, in the iTunes folder, I pointed it to the newer one (iTunes obviously had created a duplicate when I asked to choose the library )

NOTE: The above you have to do only once, the rest you have to do for each missing file.

5. With VDJ open (and iTunes still closed! If you have it open, for some reason unknown to me it does not work), point VDJ to the correct location in your library folder for the file that shows missing. Most of the times it will then load and display the tags.

6. Even so, open the tag editor of the file (if the tags have not been displayed now you can add them). In the section FILE INFO of the tag editor you see a little button on the right side of the Filename field, if you click on it, you can rename the file. Select to rename it to whatever you need (artist-title or vice versa depending on what you have and want).

7. WRITE TAGS (into the file) and hit OK

8. Close VDJ (if you don't close it at this point, it won´t work)

9. Open iTunes and find the song you just processed (you can process multiple missing files as long as you remember how to find them in iTunes afterwards). Command-I for Information, double check that iTunes has seen the file name change. CONFIRM this dialogue with OK (even if you don´t change anything here, if you only check and then exit with "Cancel" it won´t work)

10. Close iTunes (again: IMPORTANT at this point, probably again has to do with forcing the database to update)

11. Open VDJ, and, Voila! the files are now present and visible for VDJ (at least in my case, hope you get the same results), and you can proceed to process the next ones...

I hope this helps,

Good luck, Matt

Inviato Thu 12 Sep 19 @ 1:06 pm