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Topic: VDJ Remote Tips
Having tried to use the VDJ remote at a gigs I had a lot of issues with it loosing connection.

I think I may have now found the cause of my issues.... I'm using wifi DMX for my entire lighting setup which uses the 2.4Ghz frequency. I was also using 2.4Ghz for the wifi on the PC and IPAD remote, I even tried to use a range extender on 2.4Ghz to improve things but still had issues.
My DJ PC is a BRIX J1900 and only does 2.4Ghz however I purchased another Mini PCIe dual band WIFI module and installed it in the PC. Moving away from 2.4Ghz to 5Ghz has now solved the issues and I get good coverage at a gig without any lost connections. Seems that the wifi from the DMX side of things was causing the issues, I hope this helps others who have had the same problems.

Inviato Thu 05 Dec 19 @ 1:27 pm
Very helpful information. It just came in handy.

Inviato Fri 06 Dec 19 @ 5:27 am