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Topic: denon mcx8000 and screen/electrical freeze midset
hh73PRO InfinityMember since 2006
so last night i was making a 4 hour podcast. i bought a mcx8000 from ebay. and about 75% in. the screens froze. all the cue bottuns for the headphones all lit up and were unresponsive. YET i was able to finish the mix. because vdj itself didnt crash. and even though the headphones were not working i could at least wing it till the end. the recording came out fine

i asked on facebook in the denon group i am in. and quite a few people have either sent theirs back numerous times for this. or they set the screen brightness to low or mid. and that seems to fix the bug. i really dont look at the screens tbh. but having the basic parts of the controller freeze is not cool.

its plugged into a very fast windows 10 pc. nothing weird running in the background. only thing i did since getting the unit was update the firmware.

could just be a one off thing. a vdj bug, or the controller. but it is in excellent shape. was basically not used.

only footnote. the day i made the mix. we had a power outage. for about 5 hours. so my pc and controller we literally just starting a mix when all the power in my town in germany went out.

i checked the windows 10 file integrity and it came back ok. vdj asked when when i reloaded to fix the corrupted database. i said yes it it took 10 seconds.

should i just re analyze my tracks again. maybe somehow i loaded a corrupted file and it tripped up the controller?

Inviato Mon 09 Dec 19 @ 11:57 am
hh73PRO InfinityMember since 2006
the issue was that there is a big in some of the units shipped to germany (same with prime 4). you need to set the screen brightness to medium. or even low. for me this is not a big deal. but id imagine if you are a dj bringing this to a gig. and its dark it would be. so i sold it on ebay (and explained the issue)

Inviato Mon 20 Jan 20 @ 10:37 am