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Topic: Video DJ Setup PROBLEM : Problems connecting to external tvs when routed through a HDMI modulator in a pub
Hi Guys,

I hope you are all keeping well :)

I'm having issues in a venue I gig in after they changed all the screens onto the HDMI network, previously I used an HDMI to AV upscaler and connected by an RCA to RCA from the upscaler to the pub's video wall point. I have tried to directly plug the Predator PH317 52 into the tv without going into the Triax HDMI modulator and it works fine.

** I' m Using a Predator PH317 52 laptop and VDJ 2020

This is the screen I get when I plug predator in through the new system :-1: (PIC BELOW)

I was thinking it was an issue with the Nvidia Ge Force GTX graphics card being too fast of refresh rate, as it was 144 so I changed it back down to 60 but this didn't solve the problem.
** The main graphics card in the predator is an Intel UHD graphics 630

I've tried changing the sequence I plug HDMI in and I've tried rebooting with the HDMI cable already inserted but no joy :/

I tried to start windows with HDMI cable in and also tried with it out and I put it in after windows booted up.
I also tried to restart windows with the cable in to see if that was the issue as I came across that problem before in a different venue but it didn't solve it in this case.

Tried use show display on screen 2 only and there is no change in the screen it still has the "loss signal" screen on screen 2 and screen 1 went black, I tried that yesterday & now I have this problem 👇

** I was back in the venue today & tested by plugging straight into the scaler to rule out the cable run distance being a problem (( scaler is a "Triax MOD 103T HDMI modulator to COFDM" )), the predator screen just went black, it remained black until HDMI cable was plugged out.

I had the same problem when I plugged the predator into the HDMI wall socket at the DJ box, the screen just turned black this wasn't happening yesterday when the HDMI was plugged in yesterday I could still navigate the main laptop screen but screen 2 had the "loss signal" message.

The strange thing is that my backup laptop Razer Blade Stealth is working fine through the new HD system. The Graphics cards in that are 2 x Intel UHD graphics 620 I've attached some pics of the display settings, I'm hoping somebody might have come across this problem before and give me a bit of advice, it's not directly linked to VDJ but there's no harm in asking :)

Predator & Razer Display settings ( Razer is the 2 x Intel UHD graphics 620 cards)

Inviato Thu 23 Jan 20 @ 1:18 am
Did you ever find a solution, I am having the same problem

Inviato Mon 25 Oct 21 @ 8:07 pm