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Topic: VBAN plugin
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
Does someone a simple take interest to audio VBAN transmitter?
stream audio to any VBAN receiver
(Send one deck (or master) to Unique IP or Multicast IP to any VBAN Receptor or Voicemeeter (Bannana - Potato) without the need of them

Inviato Thu 07 May 20 @ 11:28 am
I don't quite understand the question.
However I have tried VoiceMeeter apps and they work fine with VirtualDJ as long as you understand how to set up everything.
To send audio via LAN and VBAN you better use cable LAN and not Wi-Fi. Also there's a slight delay between local audio feed and the receptor audio feed even in local wired LAN, but that's something to be expected with such apps.

PS: I have tried the Android receiver app as well and it also works fine. But for multiple receivers on the same network you'll need more than just a good wi-fi router / access point.

Inviato Fri 08 May 20 @ 6:55 pm
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
It seems i was away while writting ^^
The question is:
Does someone take interest to a simple audio VBAN transmitter?

A native simple VBAN transmitter plugin is ready (does not need VoiceMeeter to send audio to VBAN Reveiver)
If someone is interest in I can finalise it and upload it
Tested with Android & PC receivers

Allow simple per deck and master with different network settings (network and channel but does not share socket)
(It may be used to sonorise externals - pool & play areas, parking - away of the main dance floor, where latency is not an issue)

Of course it's Working as you say, delay ... (depending on samplingRate, network latency, buffers size...)
Multicast allowing multile wired receivers, WIFI allowing at most the max WIFI connections (mainly up to 8 per cell depending on router/access point)
and of course if Voicemeeter does it but with the need of more memory, cpu power and configuration time as you say "as you understand how to set up everything"

Inviato Fri 08 May 20 @ 7:57 pm