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Topic: Less harsh sound during mixes
There is one thing I like better about Traktor which is its clean sound during mixes.
I have noticed that I have to do much more work on the EQ in the mix on VDJ than with Traktor that seems to be able to manage the bass a bit better than VDJ in the mix.
You would have to compare playing the same 2 songs in both programs to see what I'm talking about. For whatever reason, the mix in Traktor always comes out cleaner sounding.

Inviato Wed 20 May 20 @ 2:17 pm
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006
Unless you are hitting the limiter during your mixes neither program should affect the sound at all.

Inviato Wed 20 May 20 @ 2:33 pm
Set the zeroDB to -3 or -6 or more in the settings.

Inviato Wed 20 May 20 @ 2:51 pm
It's not a technical problem with VDJ. I've toyed with the headroom settings which don't make a different for what I'm talking about.
You would have to hear it in Traktor side by side with VDJ to hear what I'm talking about.

The issue is this:
Whether it be VDJ, Serato, vinyl, cd's etc....when you play 2 songs together, at the same volume levels, while in the mix, the overall master output is going to increase.
2 songs played together sound louder than 1 song being played.

Traktor on the other hand has some way of automatically managing this. 2 songs with the same gain settings, while in the mix, don't increase in the master output DB level.
It carries the same DB all the way through when the mixer's EQ settings are set at 12 o'clock for both songs.

Generally DJing 101 is while in the mix, the bass on deck B is down and you slowly increase the bass while mixing out of deck A. You don't really have to do this as much in Traktor. It sort of flatlines the DB on the master output so the 2 songs mixed together don't sound too loud while in the mix.

Inviato Thu 21 May 20 @ 5:25 pm
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006
So yes, you are talking about a limiter/compressor then.
With zeroDb at 0 you should get a similar effect in VirtualDJ, although it may indeed sound different.

Inviato Thu 21 May 20 @ 5:41 pm

Inviato Thu 21 May 20 @ 6:10 pm