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Topic: Installation of Virtual DJ 2021
I downloaded Virtual DJ 2021 from
But my 64 bit win 10 windows installer didn't install it, It failed to install. What is the problem?

Inviato Fri 10 Jul 20 @ 6:13 pm
You are on Windows 10 64bit you meant?

And if so, what does the error say when you try install? Or perhaps when you try run?
Direct X - Update video card drivers perhaps?

Inviato Fri 10 Jul 20 @ 7:13 pm
Had the same issue I had to update my nvidia drivers and it installed..hope it helps peace

Inviato Sat 11 Jul 20 @ 12:50 am
I am having the same issue with a Windows 10 Pro Version, 64 Bit, with an Intel Video Chipset. Tried the video driver update suggestion through Intel without success. Is this something VDJ is aware of and solving?

Inviato Sat 11 Jul 20 @ 1:29 pm

I tried to install Virtual Dj 2021 on my Mac. It says Failed - Network Error. I do have the latest software installed. Please advise.

Inviato 6 days ago @ 11:22 pm