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Topic: Could not open file for writing
Whenever I try to record a set it's saying that it's unable to open a file for writing.

What can I do to get around this?

HP Probook 640 G4
Virtual 2020
Pioneer DDJ-SB3

Inviato Fri 16 Oct 20 @ 3:37 pm
You're probably trying to record in a directory that's protected. Try recording to another location (directory/folder).

Inviato Fri 16 Oct 20 @ 4:16 pm
I'm trying to record it to my Music file in my C Drive, literally a day ago I was able to record a set and save it to the same file but now it's not letting me do it. Id don't know how to get around it

Inviato Fri 16 Oct 20 @ 5:13 pm

I tried to name my file with the "<" and ">" characters which the system does not like.

Changed the file name and allowed me to record again.

Inviato Fri 16 Oct 20 @ 5:19 pm
I have the same issue how i fixed?

Inviato Sun 11 Apr 21 @ 9:35 pm
click the ... button at end of the field to set record file name...
And pick a valid location and set a valid name


Inviato Sun 11 Apr 21 @ 9:36 pm
Thanks, I had a / in my title. That caused the melee.

Inviato Tue 05 Apr 22 @ 1:57 am